RHUM (Rock for HUManity) was founded in September 2006 by a group of young professionals who were brought together by a common passion for music and the arts. This passion became their personal advocacy of “rocking for the human race” through community service

One of their latest projects is a community bazaar entitled  ”THREE for TREES: THREE Bazaars to Grow TREES” On the remaining legs of their project they will launch the ADOPT SEEDLING PROJECT Where in the public can purchase the seedlings during these bazaars and will be planted under the sponsors name. This goes with a free photo-opt with the adopted seedling. The goup promises that they will  send updates about their adopted tree (how it has grown big, sturdy and beneficial to the community). 

Sounds Fun right?! 

Planting a tree can have tremendous influences on communities. Tree planting improves our environment. Planting a tree can add to our incomes and decrease energy costs. To plant a tree can enhance our quality of life and improve our health.

Don’t miss out the 2nd leg if you are just around the area! Go visit! Bring your Family and friends at the Bulwagang Claret, U.P. Village, Q.C. The Bazaar opens 8am to 8pm FREE ENTRANCE, Lots of good finds and Food trip galore!

Visit our booth (food booth “SPAZZ” sweet-fried treats for all )


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