2AM’s Jinwoon – My Rock Star prince.

My Fangirl life started with F4, and ken zhu was my first love. that was like 8 years ago ( you’ll probably be guessing my age right now?! yah right i’m not a teenage fangirl anymore..) anyways, since that kpop craze has evolved i think i have found a new love at first sight LOL. First it was super junior’s Donghae, now i’m down right addicted to 2am’s youngest member JINWOON! I am not replacing ken zhu though. first love never dies! LOL
don’t take me seriously, this is just a fangirl point of view. Hehehe.

since my tumblr is so crowded with super junior, dream high 2 stuff. I thought of transferring on this blog of some of my Jinwoon collections that i dig out on youtube . Watch and see how i fel in love with this rock star! again you might think i am crazy…but i am not, i’m still normal. ^^

All video clips are not mine. Full credit to owners.

shared via Jinwoon’s twitter account Feb 22, 2012

one of my favorite! Dancing Jinwooooon!


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