2am’s “I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me” MV

MV is finally out! I'm just new to 2AM. like seriously just a few weeks ago lol but I'm loving them this much now! basically Dream High 2 brought me in liking 2am's Jinwoon and Jinwoon to 2am! :)

My first time to appreciate a korean ballad group...uhmmm of course Super Junior's KRY is on my #1 list ( top priority LOL )

I believe these guys are just on their early 20's and yet the emotions they put across on their music is just intense.Simply amazing and unique. So there..do i sounded like a real 2m biased fan now? LOL

I just love how the director uses the book shelf with the books line up titled "memories" and the creepy cabinet goodness! plus the vanishing love letters and photos and the music box. All those things gave a significant meaning behind the lyrics of the song.....:)

This song will definitely be part of my playlist! :)


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