Jinwoon about his love life

The 2AM members made an appearance on the April 18th broadcast of SBS‘ ‘One Night of TV Entertainment‘ and held a “Fast Ball Interview”.

Seulong proceeded to ask Jinwoon when his last relationship was, and Jinwoon responded that it was in high school. Seulong, who could not believe his ears, let out a small laugh and asked his follow-up question, “Was that your first love?”

“Yes,” Jinwoon answered. “It was my fourth first love,” he added, causing everyone to laugh.

Changmin then stepped in to help Seulong attack Jinwoon. “Is there a female celebrity who’s shown interest in you as of late?”, he asked.

Jinwoon, who looked completely innocent, answered, “No. There has not been a single person who has shown interest in me.”

“He’s such a fool,” Changmin remarked. “Even I can tell by just observing,” confirming that there has been a female celebrity who’s shown interest.

Source & Image : MyDaily
credit: allkpop<a

*** Hahaha Whaaat Jinwoon??? That was like your whaaat?!! Fourth first love?!! ahaha…. Oh man…LOL much with that answer! Where there be such a thing falling in-love at the fourth time and still consider that your first??? Well, Only can the rock star prince! I never mind if i’ll be your “FIFTH FIRST LOVE” shoooots delusional again! sooorrryyyy lah 🙂
and who will be that one celebrity whose crushing on 2am’s rock and roll maknae?? any guesses?


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