LG’s Super Show with Super Junior

At least The Philippines was mentioned as one ofthe participating countires for LG’s Super Show with Suju….The VIRTUAL SHOW!

I already Tried the App on Facebook and Yes i can see SUPER JUNIOR! and it’s totally complete with all the fans screaming! And when you access the App..you get to send a message to your Suju bias and they will send you a reply! alrighty!! this LG App on facebook is killing me! haha…Dellussiooonnal that is! Let me post the screen caps…

Thanks to technology! It could have been better if They held SS4 here in MANILA though…

Try this link




LG’s Virtual Super Show!
LG Electronics (LG) and one of Korea’s most famous boy “idol” groups, Super Junior, will invite fans in Asia to the LG Optimus Super Concert to celebrate the launch of LG’s new Optimus L-Series in Asia. The virtual concert will kick-off this week in Indonesia before moving on to Taiwan, Vietnam, Singapore, Ma-laysia, Hong Kong and the Philippines. The concert dates will coincide with the availa-bility of the Optimus L-Series in each country.

The LG Optimus Super Concert will be held in a virtual space so every fan can enjoy a VIP guest-like experience. Fans can participate in the event via local LG Mobile Face-book pages in the participating countries.


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