Male version-Kpop cover songs. A Fanboy or not?

Very seldom will you find a guy who will love Kpop songs. Well yes that is No surprise but what’s surprising is very seldom for a “Straight Guy” who will truly love korean songs and korean-Drama. Recently i found a new friend who like kpop songs much, Well i don’t know if He now considers me a ‘friend” of his. haha…But atleast we are know friends on Facebook haha. Arnie Zablan a local from Tarlac city has tons of amazing kpop covers translated in english on his Youtube channel. You will surely WOW with his cover songs!

A little back ground on how i stumble upon their Youtube channel. Well basically its all because of Dream High season 1 & 2! Of my being addicted to the Drama i spent hours digging some covers songs on Youtube. anyways…They made a cover of Dream High OST complete with music video! You better go check! super nice! well I sound too bias here?!but of course! it’s PINOY PRIDE baby!

Next Month will be Kpop Gayo’s Official launch, So i thought of inviting their group as a special performers…but the thing is they are not base in the Philippines at the moment..they are all working in Singapore. They were nice to respond on my invite and questions though. Well, there’ll be a next time… Maybe on the next kpop gayo they can sing and perform for all the kpop fanatics out there.

For the mean time you can check their Cover song of Dream High OST eng version here.
One of my favorites cover that Arnie arrangeD and translated in English – Dreaming by Kim soo hyun and Someday by IU

You might want to check the other covers song from The movie A CRAZY LITTLE THING CALLED LOVE – Someday I’ll be good enough
Arnie Zablan’s FB fanpage


3 thoughts on “Male version-Kpop cover songs. A Fanboy or not?

  1. Thank you Ms. Gold!!! grabe, nagulat ako sa article na to. nagsesearch lang ako sa google tapos nakita ko ung name ko sa description. haha! thank you talaga!!! God bless us all po!

    • Hi Arnie!!! Had a problem with it so I ditch FB and started using Instagram nalang. Kamusta na? kamusta naman ang wedding of the year niyo? hehe Are u still in Singapore?

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