Jay Park’s -New Breed- First Night Showcase at Eastwood Mall Open Park

Jay Park’s New Breed mini album launch at Eastwood mall, First night of his 3 day tour in The Philippines was one GREAT night!
I just got home, It’s 1am and thought I’d type up a mini review… I met up with friends at mega mall for a quick meeting for Kpop Gayo.
Then, we headed off to eastwood at around 3pm. We all know that we are late for the 3pm scheduled pres con. It was raining so hard on our way to the hotel. 🙂
As expected, the pres com ended when we reached the hotel…I was looking for Ms. Karen of MCA to double check if our names was listed to get a pass/access for the event. ( me and my friends writes for some kpop site and some of us are bloggers). Ms. Caren gave me a 6 VIP PASS and 3 tickets for the MEET and GREET. The meet and greet event will take place before the main show.

at the hotel lobby w/ a fellow blogger, Marai

We shared the room with other media Reps at Red box.Some are from Myx Philippines, SongHits and megaworld. By the way The Snacks that was served was good 🙂
When our line were queued to the next room with my equally excited friends i was like alright this is it. He greeted us MABUHAY and after the super quick photo-op he said SEE YAH LATER. He got such a flawless skin and he got a tatoo on his left shoulder. official photographers are there to take our pictures with JAY So i have no single photo with him to upload on my post. *sigh*. But, will upload some of my blurry pictures that i personally took during the entire show. We have a nice view and standing near the stage though but i guess my sony digicam really sucks.. I should buy a new one just set for Fangirling! hehehe.

Moving On. Sabrina is the front act and sang a total of 4 songs? Then The time has come! Jay park went up on the stage looking just perfectly cool with his white shirt (sando) and sang Bruno mars’s Nothing On you. I did not took fancam for that part coz i was busy fangirling and feeling that moment haha..You should check his own version of Nothing on you – count on me Eng. & Korean Version! Wheew Man! It’s just great!

I was totally out of mind and forgot what came next haha.. Kiddin’ After one song He greeted everyone in Filipino (tagalog) MABUHAY! AKO PO SI JAY PARK. As expected the crowd went bananas. In between there were contest/game for the fans and a quick interview portion. He said that it was his 3rd time to visit The Philippines and when asked what’s his fave filipino dish, He said the last time he came he enjoyed Chicken Adobo and still loves it. The pretty Host asked if he already tried HALO HALO. Jay said WHATS THAT? LOL…So we all know now that he haven’y tried it yet….:)

He performed I got your back (a personal fave of mine), Up and Down w unexpected technically difficulties but still he continues and dance the whole time and of course he continued singing LIVE (Fancam courtesy of my friend Katz) He performed Six songs in total including “Nothing on You“, I got your back,Stars,Up and Down“Know Your Name” & “Girlfriend“

Thank You so much again to Ms. Carmen of MCA and the entire MCA PH for bringing Jay Park here over and over again!
Please bring back 2am here and pls do consider on bringing the Aziatix boys here puhleaseee

Sorry for the blurry photos and low quality Fancam. will try to upload HQ photos from my friends camera next time and will post another blog for the 2nd and 3rd day 🙂 for the meantime I AM signing OFF 🙂

Jay says THIS IS ALL A PRANK, APRIL FOOLS DAY! haha yer right! 🙂


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