Jay Park in Manila 2012 2nd night awesomeness

Jay Park nailed it on the second night! This time it was raining the entire show but the Fans,the crowd and specially JAY PARK had an awesomeness time!
He was on all black shirt and pants last night making him more HOTTER! during the sound check Lights are still off but since me and my friends are like super near the stage we can actually see sumexy Jay Park oh so clearly! haha …Again, there were tech. difficulties during the opening song (damn the sound system..oh well) but again he managed to perform well and all the fans were super supportive! πŸ™‚

Guys, sorry for the low quality and sorry for the screaming fangirls on the background lol (one fangirl in front of us was like super duper hardcore Jay fans)

Jay’s performance last night was more impressive than the first night, and there were more funny0crazy ad-libs from Jay.

During the “Know your name” perf…Jay on the last part of the song.

Jay:”Do you want to know my name”

Crowd: screams JAY PARK

Jay sings: “You already know my name”

Crowd: more screams from the fans

Jay sings: “let me wipe my sweat on my face” then went looking for a tissue

Crowd: Laughs

Jay sings: -the tissue is on his pocket- “oh i already have tissue on my pocket”

Crowd: more laughs

Well you better watch the video. It’s actually Funny when you watch it your self πŸ™‚
Video credit: Orange magazine TV πŸ™‚


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