JAY PARK has once again captured the heart of female fans with NEW BREED

Jay Park has once again captured the hearts of many PINOY fans with his NEW BREED album!…oh well not just the female fans but every boys and girls, and people of all ages and genders! Yes, I know, because that includes me! He truly captured my heart with his über seductively sexy dance moves on “GIRLFRIEND”
Korean idols one advice, If you want to make the fans happy, Well you gotta flaunt that sexy ABS baby! Whhheeew! Every time Jay will show off his ABS for seconds, It’s a guarantee that the crowd will go bananas! Alright, seriously It’s not just the SEXY ABS, Jay Park’s music and style has a spark that makes him stand out! such a talented kid! Park Jaebeom ikaw na! 🙂

I should blog a better review tomorrow! For the meantime you can check all the links below for the official and full event details/happenings from JAY PARK’s recently concluded 3 day mall tour.

And lastly, Special thanks to MCA! 🙂

Juan Manila Express Orange Magazine TV Manila Concert Scene




*not official. Just my own Fan cam



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