Music&Lyrics with Jay Park & Lee siyoung a.k.a. Diane

Music & lyrics Jay Park and Lee Siyoung’s a.k.a. Diane.  I’ll start by saying, The whole episode and JAY PARK  has definitely grown on me! Now i understand the full concept of the show and I just want to see both of them on WGM nyahaha. WGM move over the new trend is Music&Lyrics. No offense for the fans of WGM i still love the show though (ehem! I’m an Avid fan of the dimple couple TEUKSO)

I have finished watching Episodes 1-4 and for me the shows concept carries much more meaning than WGM. oopss again, sorry just my opinion.. Anyways.

Episode 1-4

At the start of EP1 as expected in any show like of this concept it’s impossible for the guest stars to feel at ease with each other. There are some point that it was all awkwardness but Jay made all possible for Lee Siyoung to feel comfortable . Jay came up with a plan…Guess what? THEY WENT OUT FOR A DRINK and just chill..haha JAY, that’s sooo american style!.He even came up with Lee Siyoung’s english name which is “Diane”..Jay thought that it would be more easier for them to be more closer if they’ll address both in their English names.:) So that’s the history of LEE SIYOUNG being the “DIANE” on Music&Lyrics. All in all Jay created a Fun and relax atmosphere on MBC’s Music&Lyrics first episode aired last April 14th.

The couple were asked to write a song for a new group TINY G, a group of 4 very young girls. The PD would like to have a song that would fit particularly with the group personalities.Siyoung came up with the title MR COOL and the lyrics has HEY MR COOL on it. i was like thinking whaaat parang MR.SIMPLE lang ha ?! 🙂

For them to actually work on the MUSIC&LYRICS of the song, they have to meet as often as they could. So the 2 will go out on like a “Study date”.  Jay is such a sweet heart. The flowers, the surprised zo0 date, The  cutie socks as a birthday gift for Siyoung, the moment when Jay carried Lee Siyoung during the boxing sparring and the countless HUG and THE kiss is just all LOVE. (before you react and kill Lee Siyoung for the HUG and The kiss from Jay Park, you better watch it first..see it yourself hehe)

It could be scripted, partially scripted or not i just have a feeling that Lee Siyoung is Kinda liking Jay! And Jay is just a shy-sweet guy for reals!

Ok enough of my blabber on with the video link.

Part 1 Eng Subs     Part 2 Eng Subs

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Below is the video cut when Jay sang the entire song from their composition “POLARIS”

It would be nice if Jay will record his own version of this song!


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