Sometimes | Toxic thoughts Decoded

Sometimes you just have to get back to the basics and be happy about the little things

Sometimes You Need to Keep Your Opinions To Yourself

 Sometimes You Just Have to Help Yourself! and Sometimes us SOLO MOM need to take a self time-out.

Sometimes and sometimes and more sometimes…We all just have that SOMETIMES in our everyday life. You (we) feel a little “argh le sigh”  once in awhile, We all have them whether your a solo mom or not.  The kind moment when even the things we usually enjoy seem to just be wearisome and tiring.

What to do?

Sometimes we just need to call a friend ( I just did..had a brunch with a friend awhile back) Go to a bookstore. Read some help self book. forget the guilt free in you. Maybe you may want to read a Devotional book or it would be better to just simply go out for a walk. (that i will do later) 

I recommend a book that i searched on line and might just buy a hard copy of this instead of downloading the e-book.

 -How to heal a toxic thoughts- by ‘Sandra Ingerman’


We may not realize it consciously, but negative feelings can be as toxic as physical poisons, wearing on us and causing depression, illness, and burnout. But how can we keep ourselves safe in a world too often ruled by resentment, jealousy, rage, and stress? How to Heal Toxic Thoughts provides the cure, and it lies in the ancient principle of alchemy. 
Many people think that the old alchemists were trying to turn lead into gold. But in actuality, as Sandra Ingerman–a practicing shaman and psychologist–reveals, they were metaphorically working on transforming heavy leaded consciousness into gold light consciousness. Using their theories, Ingerman offers strategies for processing the harmful thoughts and emotions that hit us throughout our day. Instead of sending and receiving lethal energy, you will learn, through meditations, visualizations, and other exercises, how to radiate positive thoughts and shield yourself from those that are destructive. Her methods of simple…but they can change you, others, and the world.


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