120516 ANAN Interview with LEE HYUKJAE “Seriously, I’m really good in driving” “a girl who sends me a handwritten letter ?”

  • MOD: Eunhyuk, who is always work at the center, with such a delicate and advanced dance techniques that flows from the splendour figure of his on the highlight stage. He woke up to his dream since his 3rd year of elementary school.
  • EH: During school, whenever I entered a school’s event and danced on stage, my friends always praised me and said, ‘So cool !’ I can never forget the feeling I got when I heard all the praises, and I’ve determined myself to be a dancer.
  • MOD: The recently released Japanese single, ‘Oppa Oppa’ which is the collaboration with Donghae, shows a 80’s disco dance which brings us to the maximum excitement.
  • EH: I’ve known Donghae long before we debuted, so our teamwork is perfect. As Super Junior members, we always show our cool side, and for this sub-unit we thought of showing the fans our fun appearance. I’m extremely happy be able to came out with CD in Japan. When both of us have activities together, I discovered alot of new things. I didn’t realised this when all members dance together, but when there’s only 2 of us, I noticed that Donghae tends to change and improvise the choreography with his own style. It’s so annoying and I thought to myself, ‘I wanna dance with my own style too !’, but of course, the expert like me will need to match the dance (laughs).
  • MOD: Beside dancing, Eunhyuk claimed himself as an expert in driving.
  • EH: Seriously, I’m really good in driving. I feel like I have the sense of smell in choosing road (laughs). And I still drive myself to my work place until now.
  • MOD: The exciting point a girl would think of a guy who takes good care of her at the passenger’s seat, turns back to make a reverse and shows only his side face ?
  • EH: Oh really ? Recently most navigation system for cars have a back camera attached to it, so there’s no need to look back while reversing. And I never had the chance to do it…. (tears). But if girls think its romantic, I will need to try this at least once !
  • MOD: Then, the type of girl that you’ll give a ride ?
  • EH: Someone who likes me, all of them (♪). Okay its a lie. Honestly, I don’t know what type…. Maybe a girl who sends me a handwritten letter ?… In short, the innocent one.
  • MOD: Secrets that you never tell the members ?
  • EH: Last year, I thought of writing each members my thankful letter, and I even bought the writing papers and stationary. But once I sat on my table, everything seems to be so difficult and in the end, I just gave up. But why did I even think of doing that ? Strange.
  • MOD: The moment you think of yourself as a junior(kid) ?
  • EH: The time I felt so emotional when Yesung gave me a Disney anime DVD, and when I have unbalanced diet. I can’t really eat seafood, and I don’t like vegetables. In contrast, I love sweets and candy, or things that usually loved by kids (laughs) Translated by : @syazureq Photo: Monkey-fish



FULL CREDITS:掌心witheunhae Scan by:yin酱



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