I was supposed to leave the house..turn off my lappy when i stumble upon this post on my FB time line!

Hahahahahha i have loads of Tawa! (laughter) Not on the music video itself but the comments from the viewers HAHAHAHAHHA HILARIOUS MUCH

I have nothing against these bunch of beautiful glam ladies! (Oh yeah i felt ugly after watching ,same with the viewers comments..nahhh They are all pretty what can we do.I mean in reality MAGANDA TALGA SILA EH ( They are really beautiful) Wag na ma insecure mga teh! ( Don’t be insecure )

Here are the hmm TOP comments that i LOL much while reading…SORRY I DON’T MEAN TO OFFEND ANYONE! πŸ™‚ ^^

magaganda lahat…. ok na ok… kaya lang biglang sumulpot si paquiao, biglang….. WHOA! whyyyyyyyy???!!!!!!!!!!

Piolo Pascual = Gaymond Gutierrez.

Filipinos are so racist. pinoy ako pero anu ngun qng half half sila, ikaw din naman eh, unless nlng qng ita ka, mga ita lang ang my karapatan mg sabing pure pinoy cla

t*ng in*ng Richard yan.. Anne, Georgina at Solenn..league of extraordinary Ex’s..

Panira si Raymond Gutierrez. Feeling girl ang bruha!! πŸ™‚

This one is better than the Justin Bierber’s team

This is dedicated to all those people with low self-esteem like me..Let’s realize how PANGET we are and that we are ready to die willingly.. *//wrist*

5 dislikes? Ano yan mas gusto niyo yung kila justin bieber? The f*ck?

After i saw this, i felt 100x uglier than i did before

mond gutierez as justine beiber…hahahaah


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