Nanyang Polytechnic Chinese OrchestraHallyu Songs Of Fame (KPOP Medley) –

So this what you call the Diversity of KPOP MUSIC. Even a non-K-Pop fan would be able to fully appreciate. If i was there I’ll definitely be jumping out of my seat to give them a STANDING OVATION ^^ The goose bump moment is when they played 2am’s “Will Never Let You Go Even If I Die”

*Can Filipino Orchestra showcase similar to this* ^^

Esplanade Presents:

YFEST 2010An Evening full of Supah Heroes

Recorded at the Esplanade Concert Hall, Singapore

Arranger: Mr. Tan Kah Yong

Conductor: Mr. Mike Chiang

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Under the baton of Mr. Mike Chiang, NYPCO has grown to become a young and upcoming orchestra with 120 members and alumni. The orchestra experiments with a myriad of repertoire from contemporary pop songs, western classical to traditional Chinese music.

With the support of NYP and the SAO Ms. Karen Ang, NYPCO has staged many successful performances locally and in overseas.

In 2007, the orchestra competed at the 18th Australian International Music Festival in Sydney and received full marks – a first is the history of the competition. They were then invited to play for the Command Performance at the Sydney Opera House.

In 2008, the inaugural Hong Kong International Music Festival was held and the orchestra performed at the HK Disneyland, HK Cultural Center and some of the members had the chance to perform with the top-notch professionals from the HK Chinese Orchestra.

NYPCO was also invited to perform for the Beautiful Sunday series at the Esplanade in ’06 ’07 and ’09. It is a monthly program that is free for the public to inculcate the public with the love for the arts.

In conjunction with the Youth Olympic Games 2010, NYPCO was invited by Esplanade to present a concert titled Supah Heroes in the Youth Festival 2010.


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