Be A “Koreanophiles” – My Korean boyfriend KOMMUNITY AND KONTRIBUTORS


My Korean will be launching  the “KOMMUNITY and KONTRIBUTOR” segment on a few days. For those who doesn’t know it yet,  The website is owned by Ms. Kring Elenzano.  She is a Tv/event host, freelance director and producer, a writer and videoblogger/blogger.  She was one of the  founders of Cassiopeia Philippines and the Phil Kpop Committee, Inc. Also, Ms. Kring is very popular among KPOP fanatics.

Today, On his FB page, Ms. Kring announces about the launching of  My Korean Boyfriend Kommunity and Kontributors.  I think the whole idea of it sounds fun, new, and interesting. It was stated in the blog post that It won’t be the typical news blog. Good thing She said that because we all know that there are oodless kpop site who surfaced now on the internet.  Oh well if there will be similarities, Atleast this one is Filipino-made 🙂 Lol enough of my blabber. Read the full details here

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