Back stage interview with Jay Park – [Koreaboo’s EXCLUSIVE]

Props to Koreaboo for a great interview!

koreaboo: Tell me more about this tour.

Jay:  This is the APAHM TOUR. sponsored by verizon My 1st time Touring  in the states actually and  It feels pretty good i mean, the shows being very successful so far My first time meeting my US fans so it’s feels good.

Koreaboo: How does it feel being in the US in terms of touring. Are there any pros and cons.

Jay: There’s only Pros, It’s my first time meeting my fans in the states. A lot of people came out for me and  thousand people came out  in New york. they waited in the rain, countless hours. They step on the street just to see me. Showed me a lot of love So i appreciate it.

Koreaboo: Tell me about the new tape. (Mixtape)/What Inspired you/the concept of the mixtape.

Jay: The mixtape is just something for the fans, For the APHAM tour, I  just wanted to do specials. There is no concept  i just want to give you guys some english music. I guess it’s a “mixtapes” in general that inspires this mixtape.

Koreaboo: Are there any artist you are listening to right now

Jay: I listen to bunch of people, I like Drake, Mac miller,Nicki Minaj, Chris brown,  Asher

Koreaboo: If you are to pick one song that represents your self right now. What  would will it be.

Jay: That’s is very very tough…. i  have to get back to you after 5 years.

Koreaboo: Do you have any intentions touring outside of US?

Jay: I just toured in ASIA right before i came. I was in Singapore, Manila, Indonesia, Malaysia and hopefully I can do a NEW BREED concert tour in the future.  ( Yay! Manila Representz!)

Koreaboo: Do you have any interest Expanding in Europe maybe. Mexico or Brazil?

Jay: I would loved to be in EUROPE, MEXICO.  I would loved to go to BRAZIL, AUSTRALIA. (wow jay! WORLD WIDE) 

Koreaboo: What are the challenges when you go on tour? How do you  deal with stress ? What inspires you and what keeps you going

Jay: Being on the plane is the worst thing ever. Everything else is good, I was on the plane for 15 hours. I feel like crap, I came straight from the Asia tour, I feel Sick, Jet lagged. I’m  performing so i couldn’t rest.  Of course the Fans keeps me going. I was actually asleep right before performing on stage on New Your,  I was sleeping on the floor. ( LOl)

Koreaboo:  Are there any difference between  US fans and ASIAN  fans

Jay: I would say that in the US fans there are much more of variety of people. Like in Malaysia, There are Malaysian fans, You know what i mean? a good mix of people? ( Yep! I got you Jay!)

Koreaboo: Do you feel that Your music overcomes that language barrier? (talking about the English Fans)

Jay: I think It does, They don’t understand Korean,  but they are dancing with the music and singing along. It feels Good.

Koreaboo: Is it your first time at club Nokia?

Jay: Yeah it is.i din’t know that Nokia has a club. (Bwahaha Funny Jay)

Koreaboo: Shout outs to koreaboo Fans.

Jay: To all my KOREABOO’s ( Oh how cute when he said that ^^) Wazz up Ya’ll This is JAY PARK. Thank You  so much for all your support. I hope i could see you guys often. Take care PEACE



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