My story with KSTORY’s ceo: Bruce Youn

  Yesterday,we had a fun meet up with Mr. Bruce Youn of KSTORY.  With the blogs  that i have been reading along , they describe the store as  a One-stop-shop for every Kpop fans: fangirls and Fan boys alike. 🙂 On June 12,  Mr.Bruce arrived in Manila for the Premiere night of Kimmy Dora 2. The movie is a comedy film starring the Filipina TV actress/producer Eugene Domingo. Bruce has a cameo role in that movie. Moving on with the fun meet up i mentioned earlier on this post, we had a chance on seeing the Man behind the KSTORY at UCC park cafe in Makati. Since my place is just  near the area so I decided to drop by and tag  along a friend with me. Before going to the meeting place, we bought some simple knickknacks  at Kultura  (SM) for Bruce and Mr. Kang, a little something for Heechul and Heechul sister’s Heejin ( which i believe is also the co-owner of Kstory). As we approach the cafe, I saw  a very tall  guy! LOL. Bruce was all smiles and greeted  everyone HI *bow* So we gave him the gifts. I handed him the clear plastic bags from kultura, I said this one is for you blah blah and asked a favor if  He could  give the other gift for a Friend who is now in Korea. (Danes who is now in Korea taking up her master’s Degree and which i really consider an Angel in Disguise kind of friend ^^ long story.. let’s not go further)… She is one of  Bruce’s closest Filipina friend in Korea right now.  ^^ I forgot to take photo of the gift… It’s a trinket from Tickles.. Anyways… There I saw the bunch of cd’s and shirt and all the suff He brought from Kstory. Items prices  is surprisingly not expensive as i thought it would be.  Bruce gave the Fangirls Huge discount and guess whaaaattt! He even gave some of  it for FREE! It’s like you want it, then alright TAKE IT! No joke! One Fangirl was like asking for the price or i think she badly wanted to have the Shinee’s clear folder and then the  next thing i heard from Bruce was OK! TAKE IT! Whoaaahhh! Just like that?! ^^ Honestly, I had no plans of buying some cds… I’m a new Suju Fan and never owned a physical copy of their album. The recently first ever SJ stuff that i had was actually given by my Malaysian Friend. Bottom line, I still bought that SJ Cd and got it for such a very reasonable price.  He even said that since I am a friend of Dane’s that’s why he is giving me a discount! LOL thank You sooo much Danes! 🙂 He was funny when he handed me the KSTORY stickers. He said take this. and i was like thank you, too much already. Other freebies that we all got from him are V line pack and Kstory coupons (Which of course we can only use when in Korea) ^^   While everyone was busy spazzing with the kpop items left on the table. I grab the chance to interview him! lol I it was just a quick conversation before we left the place. The  first and commonly asked questions to a “tourists” lol How was your stay so Far?  He said It was great and He is enjoying his stay. One ELF join the conversation and said so Oppa “It’s more fun in the Philippines” LOL!!! nice one! The next question i asked; “since now,  Kstory branches out to Thailand, What will be the next country or any plans on bringing Kstory in Manila?”  He answered and said, Bringing or opening Kstory here (Manila)  is not a problem. The place is not a problem. I just need someone who will manage the store” My follow-up question. So who managed the store in Thailand? He quickly answered.: *Pointing to himself* ME! ^^  He said He goes back and forth to check whats going with the store and such. Wow that’s tiring! A very dedicated ceo LOL.  He also shared that he is encountering difficulty in language barrier. Well I understand what Bruce is trying to point out, sometimes the Language Barrier is a common challenge on cross boarding business settings. We even talked about Ate Gigi of Fangirlasia and Ms. Kring of C.N.A. both are  business minded chick who came up with the idea of putting up a  Fandom store in one! Fangirlasia is Webstore whereas C.N.A. is a physical store that recently opened a few months. You might asked what’s the connection? lol sorry, that just came out of my mind since they already met in Korea! So been thinking if they can do some tie-up in bringing KSTORY in Manila. Anyway………. I even asked if He is a “Christian” He said; Oh yes I am. since birth I am a born again christian. My father is a Christian. I failed to ask about the role He portrayed in Kimmy Dora and how was it working with Filipino artist… Hmmm next time i run into him I will definitely ask for more questions.. Hehe.. the question is WHEEEEEN?!?!? ^^ Alright, enough with my blubber..on with some photo sharing… the way Bruce loves to photo-op. Whenever someone will ask to take photos with Him, He also  hand over his phone to the person taking Pictures. ^^ If You were to ask me how is  Bruce in General… Uhmm aside from He is super duper TALL! lol I know from there he is a super sincere person? not because He gave away a lot of freebies lol.. But seriously though. When we left, he even walked  us towards the end of the cafe’ shop and still keep on talking with us and said; THANK YOU FOR COMING! SALAMAT! ^^


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