Bruce Youn: “elf not to worry he is fine”

Following the deactivation of Heechul’s twitter account hours before his birthday, Left many ELFs worried and rant disappointments on different social networking sites. Today on Brue Youn’s kakao talk status confirming that Heechul is just doing fine and just needed some time… I screencap the status update and his DP to share with the worried Petals/Elfs.

Bruce: “Elf not to worry he is fine let him giv(e) some space”

Heechul last tweet 120709

[Heechul Twitter update]
집 앞도 구청 앞도 쫓아도 오지마세요. 30살 먹고 좀 착해졌나했는데 난 안되나봐요. 교통사고 후유증이 아직도 남아있는데 매번 목숨 걸고 도망가듯 운전하는거 무섭습니다. 실망을 한다해도, 배 부른줄 알아야해도 전 목숨이 하나라 안되겠네요. 이해심 부족한 제 탓입니다. 그리고 잘 모르는 외국친구들한테 웃으면서 삥 뜯지마요 아저씨들. 웃으면서 애들 등 쳐먹는거 양아치 같으니까. 이 글을 마지막으로 이런 피해자가 또 나오지 않았으면 합니다. 1년동안 트윗도 안하고 조용히 살겠습니다. 1년 뒤에 봐요. 생일 축하해준 많은 분들 고맙습니다.

[Trans] @Heedictator: Don’t follow me to the front of our house or the ward office. I thought maybe I’d become a little nicer after turning 30, but it seems like I can’t. Because there’s still a bit of post-accident trauma remaining, I’m scared of risking my life driving to escape (from sasaeng taxis) every single time. Even if I’m disappointed, and should know when to stop, because I have only one life to live, I can’t just let it off. It’s my fault, I lack an understanding heart. And (sasaeng taxi) ahjussi’s, please stop ripping off unknowing foreign fans, with smiles on your faces. Because living off kids like that while smiling makes you seem like a beggar. As a round-off to this tweet, I wish that there won’t be anymore victims like this.

I will live quietly for the next 1 year without even tweeting. See you in a year’s time. Thank you to the many people who wished me happy birthday.

-T/N: He doesn’t mention that it’s about sasaeng taxis, but you can infer from the context-

via @AllRiseXiahtic


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