Seoul to Eastwood city Philippines CAFFE BENE ANYONE?

I Came across this on FB and found the blog post from! I was like.. ohh korean coffee shop? in eastwood? say what? In Philippines? then me thinks ..uhmm who among the kpop parents bringing this cafe shop in the Philippines? (Well, If you are a kpop fan, You’ll be aware of the fact that many coffee house have sprouted in Seoul and the owners are the kpop omma”s and Appa’ which is very famous is Super Junior’s Yesung Handel and Gretel, Miss A’s Suzy’s parents –Caffe 秀Soo, Super Junior’s Leetuek, Kyuhyun, Sungmin’s Kona Beans and many more..)

This has sparked my curiosity and did a lil search about it.Caffe Bene is everywhere in Seoul!! Caffe Bene is a leading coffee label of Korea. It is a trend-setting multi-cultural space that offers an ideal combination of coffee, waffle, and gelato. Here, visitors can enjoy general blended coffee using select coffee beans or top-of-class single origin coffee for customers’ individual liking. Also on the menu list are authentic Belgium waffle and gelato ice cream. To meet changing trends, menus are upgraded on a regular basis. Following the opening of its 500th store in Korea, Caffe Bene also opened its first branch in New York.

Will definitely try Caffe’ Bene at Eastwood city walk 2 and we might even spot Jang Gueng Suk! ^_^


4 thoughts on “Seoul to Eastwood city Philippines CAFFE BENE ANYONE?

  1. oh wow, glad you came into reading my blog and so blogging about Caffe Bene too! found a fellow Korean enthusiast blogger here…nice one goldiemari 🙂

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