Super Junior’s DONGHAE new Drama on Aug 18th at 07.30PM (KST) Channel A

Donghae as Go Seungji
Genius Patissier

Sudden ill fate from an accident caused by his father Choi Jaegyung! To protect the bakery and to live, his mother goes to jail in place of his father. 6 years old Seungji grew up without knowing about the situation. He grew up without a single picture of his parents so he currently does not remember his parents. after going from an orphanage, rehab, and jail, Park ByungMoo took him in as a patissier He set his goal as Saint Honore Thanks to Park Byungmoo, he has recovered to the point he can live normally but he still fears that people will throw him away He has an attitude and punches people easily. He has dated before but never loved before. Infront of his first love, Panda, he is just a small porcupine.

Today, July 18th On his twitter update. “SEE YOU SOON”

Can’t wait to watch Donghae making the sweetest cake on this drama! Whose excited?!?!?! *raise both hands* ME!!!!

Drama title: Miss Panda and Hedgehog

Official FB fan page:

Source: Tumblr & Twitter. I edited the photos above a bit! ^_^


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