[Screencap] Ms Panda and Mr Hedgehog EP1

Donghae was just too adorable for words! Well it’s just the pilot episode but i find it quite interesting and very fun to watch,Loving the drama already, can’t wait for next week!

I have no idea what’s going on the first episode but i’m pretty sure though, We have to all gear-up for some heart breaking scenes between Hae and his Grandpa.

Going to share some screencaps, Sorry for the Low quality.

Obviously my connections starts to buffer…lol


Connection Freezes… Cute Hae!

Finally…. a better screencap!

This reminds me of one of his facial expressions in Skip Beat 🙂

a sort of argument scene.. but then again.. i don’t understand a thing lol

one of the scenes when he stares on their family picture… i smell some real drama coming…


……Ladies are you ready for the last 2 screen caps…LOL

………..Hae’s leading lady on this drama resembles Ivy Chen… Skinny and funny ^^ I hope some fans were able to upload raw vid.

I think he also sang one of the songs in this drama

Waiting for EP2! ^^

Channel A live streaming
Donghae’s CUT – Credit:shutingyeah


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