I Got bitten by the Korean Drama – “To the beautiful You”

At some point in choosing an asian drama to watch, Have you been like, uhmm.. “The plot looks interesting but you kinda dislike the actors in it so you skipped watching” or “WOW the actor is my bias, I don’t care if the drama is boring as hell i’ll definitely watch no matter what” Have you been in those kind of feels? lol

I’ve already seen the Taiwan and Japan version of Hana Kimi, I might as well give the kimchi version a try…

Reasons for being slightly hesistant to watch the korean version, First off, Dear Fans of Shinee, F(x) and SNSD before you all throw your curses on me, Lemme explain first. ^^ let’s start with the lead actor, 1st Shinee’s Choi Minho, I have this bad impression on him on let’s go dream team, I patiently watched some episodes all because of  Lee Hyukjae and SJ on some episodes..He’s really competitive when it come sports though..  2nd I’m not a fan of Sulli…It will be more interesting if Amber was selected to be on the original Drama cast…..and 3rd the OST! The OST is a big factor in one drama right?. When i heard that one of The OST was sang by SNSD’s Taeyeon, hmmm* Again i’m not a fan of the girls …

But here’s the thing… after watching the first 2 episodes , I suppose Everything makes sense now. ^^I was thorougly hooked! It is one of those light dramas that you’ll get all the laughs in one second then squealed the next and sigh at the end…

I said i hated MinHo? Not anymore! I’m in love! Oh well not with Minho but with Minho’s character and acting as Kang Tae Joon. I Did not expect that He can really pull it off that well. As i can see it, He can be the next Siwon. I know Minho is far from what siwon has achieved in terms of being an actor, But who knows, Minho can be a great actor one day! Yes! one day, SME make it happen! ^^

The lead actress,I love her now, last night i was re-watching SME’s I AM the movie, There was a part when they shown old clips of sulli introducing herself as one of the SME’s trainee. She’s was just in 5th grade at that time.The sound of her inocent laughter is so adorable. Love sulli to bits now. ^^

There are bunch of funny-characters in the drama. One is with ZE:A’s kwang hee. lol I love how he puts on a  lipgloss eveytime he’s annoyed or jealous of Eun geol and Jae Hee. I’m guessing, It’s one of etude’s lipgloss line ^^ and also, I was surprised to see Mighty mouth’s Sangchu on the drama… and can i say that SME is such a troll! the scene where in Ha nah was trying to look for Jae Hee on the year book was hilarious, Justin Biber, Kristen stewart and what?! zack AFRON?! bwahahaha! nice one SME nice one!

I find Kang Han Neul an eye candy. (Kang Tae Joon’s rival Hyun Jae) He’s too cute on one of the BTS filming of the paintball scene. He’s my new korean actor crush. lol. at 0:21 – Han neul’s cuteness! ^^

I kinda like Lee Hyun Woo too. The mushroom hair all gone now…

OST is a huge factor when i choose to watch Asian Drama’s. I was surprised that i actually fell in love with Taeyeon’s rendition of “CLOSER” I have to admit, She sang it very well LIVE in inkigayo ^^ of course the best song on the OST is from Super Junior KRY’s “SKY”  next is J-MIN’s “STAND-UP” , F(x) ‘s Luna & SNSD’s Sunny’s “It’s me” These songs are indeed “Beautiful” 

On my free time, I’m re-watching the episodes from the start… Who says you’re too old for a funny-silly-cuteness drama such as TTBY? EP11 Pa-palli!! ^^ can’t wait. ^^


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