SiHae In Manila Aug 15, 2012

Let me begin by saying… Donghae!!! is the sweetest! and Siwon is the most handsome!Oh let me rephrase that.. Donghae is the sweetest and most handsome! (obviously, He’s my ultimate bias in SJ. Sorry, Anchovy ^^)

Photo taken during the exclusive interview prior to the main event
Photo credit: TIM YAP – philstarsupreme & @Startalk_GMA7! and YAM ENRIQUEZ –

After seeing siwon in person with no explanation or description, I know now why among the members, He’s the one whose getting all the offers to act on Tv Dramas,endorse products all over asia. He got this certain charm. But, of course, Donghae got loads of charm too..^^

I have no exciting STALK fanaccount to share coz i fail on the part. I’m not a pro. I love the energy of the fangirls and fanboys now a-days, As if they were trained on how to stalk fest. lol ^^ But, hmmm yes I tried to follow them at the hotel but just what i’ve said.. It’s a total fail. But i got to enjoy the fun time with some friends ^^ Hotel hopping and food trip πŸ™‚

Did i mentioned that i also fail on raffle promos? No Luck at all! pfftt…Here’s the stuff that i bought to join the mechanics…

But as always.. Mr. Ben Chan/bench was so kind, At the last minute they decided to let the fans (us) who participated on the mechanics enter the event area. (those who have raffle stubs can enter the area, the area for the 700 lucky fans)Thank You soo much bench! ^^

Entering the event area was a chaotic scene, My friend got in first and I was shoved by sea of fans trying their might to enter as well…I was waving my stub and The security guard in white and one of bench staff saw me and pulled me just to get in…My neck was a bit hurt since they have to pull me and pass over the barricade rope. Whew!

Sorry for the LQ photos. (These photos are actually from my friends camera. i was able to take pictures though..But you know what, at some point I felt i was like hypnotized and can’t actually focus on anything (taking pictures) lol. I screamed together with the fans but my mind was like blank, I was just staring on Donghae’s milky complexion and angelic smile. I was like savoring the moment literally.

There was these moment when everyone was chanting SS5! SS5! SS5! siwon was like “SM TOWN? WHAT IS SS5?” then we continued chanting SS5! until Donghae finally got it! he was like.. “ahhh ss5 super show 5, maybe next year!” Then a prolonged screams from us fans once again heard all over the event area and the entire mall (trinoma).

The short interview, the signing of shirts and posters plus the photo-op with fans and Mr. Ben Chan lasted for like less than an hour.Waiting for Sihae to appear on stage more than 5 hours was all worth it! I enjoyed the 5 hours waiting time. The sing along/fanchants was fun!

this was just the 2nd SJ related event that i attended. Finally, i was able to hear them say their famous greeting to fans
‘We are Super Junior- ohayo” Next time, Hoping to see all the members in a concert too.. Please SM… make it happen. SS5MANILA!

…and another bonus! I finally got to hear the Precious laugh of Donghae! Before, I can only hear/watch it on youtube on interviews and from fan made clips. But last Aug 15! dream come true! Donghae’s Laugh is heaven to my ears!

And as always, Donghae took a photo with his phone, Us fans as the backdrop! and tweeted right after the event ^^

Siwon tweeted “Thanks Manila for your Love and Passion”

Till the next Super Junior members(s) Bench event! Who will it be?! ^^