Lee Min Ho’s Benchsetter “Funmeet”

Bench has done it again. They started with the Taiwan’s super star (F4) Jerry Yan, followed by The Kpop idols Super Junior’s Lee Donghae and Choi Siwon, and this time, The Korean actor  super star Lee Min Ho. Life of a fangirl could get any better with Bench bringing all these gorgeous asian guys in Manila as their clothing ambassadors. I am present during those times haha (fangirling from Jerry Yan to SuJu to leeminho..whose next bench?) ^^
So there..The young ones and the young at hearts, True blue k-pop fanatics and the-not-so kpop addicts gathered all together at smart araneta coliseum on Nov. 16th friday for the “Funmeet”. The  Show started at around 8 p.m. and a kpop feels started to unfold lol when the dancers 
performed Wonder Girl’s No Body, Super Junior’s Sorry Sorry, 2ne1’s Fire and the viral song, Gangnam Style!
My friend and I were seating at the lower box area. So near Yet so far… but it’s totally okay. We are seated and our spot is just so calm. ^^
People started to scream even more as a gorgeous man was seen standing in the middle of the stage! Finally….LEE MIN HO! (Oh Yes! He’s beyond handsome like…O_O)
I like the fan-audience interaction during the Question & Answer portion. The spin-a-wheel game where in Lee Min Ho gave so much fan-service to the lucky fans! Well, Lucky fans are lucky fans!.. It’s so entertaining to watch The Look-a-like contestants who went up on stage. Also, the 5 winners of “act that scene” were asked to join LMH on stage. He was so cute when he started to say his own lines from one of his drama while watching the video entry from the winners…”wow, that was a live dubbing” said the lady emcee, Sam Oh..^^ by the way she has done a great job emceeing the event ^^
A roar goes up from the screaming fans when He started to answer questions… His smile, is to die for…
He was asked of what Filipino dish he would like to try..He asked the fans instead, He stood up and pointed to a fan who is holding a poster of his..  He also said what ever our answer is, He will try to have (eat) it for dinner… So, of course.. as always.. everyone screams ADOBO, bow! lol
And also he told Ms. Sam (in korean) to tell the fans at the patron area to be careful and try not to push and shove each other so no one will get hurt. awww sweet! 

“Mahal Ko Kayo” (Encore)
It was indeed a “FUN-meet” event! Everybody all together now…XIE XIE NI, GOMAWO, BENCH! ^^ till next time! ^^