The Rubik’s cube of my Life…

Lately or just a few weeks ago i found myself drowned-addicted to watching Dream High 2  ( a Korean Drama)  I find myself  having a desire in solving that little damn rubiks cube! One of the character in the drama describes that when she feels like crying, she hold on to the cube and solve it….

I know there are tutorials on Youtube teaching technique on how to solve the puzzle. It’s crazy hard but honestly I find something enjoyable on solving that rubiks cube puzzle…I found peace every time i hold on to that cube! Yes believe me or not, it gave me A PEACE OF MIND.

Sure thing we all now that Life is never easy.We have to got to understand that there are no short cut in quest of Life’s perfection. No saving technique either. Like of the rubiks cube you have to turn them down, Shift the correct colors, Twist the layer again until you line up 2 adjacent colored corners and just to find out the other color is facing the wrong way. You keep on  twisting and turning becoming more confused??

It took more effort for me to live my life this way at first. Remember that we need to step back and stop When You’re Confused. I  suffered much like of Hell but i really came to understand that i could still turn my life to making a difference. A difference living a life of being a Solo Mom.The difference is more than worth it Like the colors in the rubik’s cube, even not aligned it still look as colorful as it is.