TonyMoly – Unlucky fangirl

Few days more and we are going to see Super Junior (M) again… Excited? Yes? It’s been 3 months since I’ve last seen the boys. Who wouldn’t want to see them extremely close? Like seeing kyu’s cute pore haha but not yet my time or I’m just Unlucky I guess? When Tony Moly announced  about the fansign mechanics, while a bit hesitant, I still went and line up anyways.

Market!Marlekt! Tonymoly is the nearest branch from where I live and work.But, I could have just risk going to Sm north or Megamall knowing stubs (pass) they’re giving out are more than 30 – 60 unlike at Market Market they only got 15 fansign stubs. Though we manage to get INSIDE the mall few minutes before opening, was surprised to see a line of fans in front of the boutique! yes in front of the boutique. Ninja moves these days ha? As I wonder around, some staff of TM was trying to quell the anger of annoyed fans outside who are there since 4am?

I understand the feeling but sometimes people (fangirls-fanboys,young and old ones)  should show proper respect to everyone… okay zips mouth.

Oh by the way.I got mini bruises.T___T I got squashed a bit when everyone wants to enter the shop all at the same time… Well the price of being a fangirl.


To end the story short… I didn’t get a fansign pass.  No sense of bitterness at all. Really. *bawling* kidding’. Still going to watch the concert though.

I spotted an acquaintance at the store and took a picture of her SJM Calendar.









My kids asked me a million questions. ‘Where is Daddy’ …In heaven?

I was caught on an unguarded moment when my boys  (Eldest 6 y/0, Youngest 5 y/0) asked about the Daddy question. My mind goes blank and My answer… “In Heaven”.. Oh noooo… I’m sorry to the biological dad for an advance RIP… But really the so called “DAD” is nowhere  else to be found. It’s been 4 years now…. No Happy Birthdays, No Merry Christmas nor Happy new year greetings..Literally, No Hi No Hello…

My conversation with my kids last night started with an old picture of Leonardo Dicaprio hanging on the ceiling of my room at our ancestral home. (We are still on holidays so yeah!)

Me, My kids lying in bed when kid 1 asked: Mom, Who is that guy? (pointing to the old stationery mini poster hanging on the ceiling.)

Me: He is the Actor that i  like when i am still single ( out of words yeah i said “single! ) He is Leonardo Dicaprio.

Kid 1: Oh you like him when you were still young ( oh there Right term; “young”)

Me: Oh yes when I’m still young i used to like him.

Kid1: Does your mom knows about that…

Me: *laughs* of course mama knew about it. (note: MAMA – they call my mom, MAMA)

kid 1: Who is your Mama then?

Me: ehhh MAMA… Our mama.. Mama is your Lola (Grandmother)

Kid 2: …and PAPA ? ( PAPA- My dad- they call my dad, PAPA)

Me: So PAPA is your Lolo (Grandfather) My dad..

Kid 1 & 2 (in harmony) : DAD? SO HOW ABOUT OUR DAD? OUR DADDY?

ME: My mind went blank for  a second.. and i uttered.. Your DAD? “IN HEAVEN” ( Really! Unexpected question from the Leonardo picture topic)

Kid 2: In heaven? He is up there in the TREE ( Being a kid… Heaven = A high tree)

Kid 1: Mom what is Rambutan ( See the randomness while asking about the dad!)

Me: Rambutan is a fruit

Kid 2: (Continues his “Tree” statement ) He is up there in the tree eating BANANA? ( He’s talking with actions, like heaven being high as a tree^^)

ME:  I died laughing at the moment… My kids too adorable to handle ^^

To prevent them for asking more about the “Dad”.. I change the topic to “It’s late guys.. mommy is really getting sleepy, better sleep too okay”

My eldest son know about his dad though… Initially At an early age of 4 He started to asked & talked about “where is, what is a Dad” “Dad used to fight with you” “Dad and us used to eat here” and so on.. As for my youngest, I know He will ask over and over as He is more exposed to school, peers and such situations that will include the picture of “Where is Dad” by the way?

Last night I wasn’t prepared to be honest. Next time… I’ll try to rehearse  and or maybe write a script? But, Let it be….  I know… Every single mom by choice should have had anticipated this kind of questions. I am ready to discuss about it but last night was just not the right time.. How do you shift a LEONARDO question to as Your Dad is somewhere else with someone being irresponsible and immature…there and then… end of story.^__^  Just kidding, of course I am yet to give a balance response to my kids Daddy question. Maybe They will ask me again later tonight… while looking up at the ceiling and gazing on Leonardo Dicaprio.. ^__^

Promise – Written and Composed by DONGHAE ^^

How can a 5 year old Donghae write a lyrics to a song sprinkled w/ so much emotions? The words so simple, the beat, the tempo…the whole song is sooo DONGHAE feels. 
Apparently, I have one complaint though.. He composed “Plz Don’t” as well right? uhmm please next time Hae, Complete the word and better learn to use apostrophes the next time you tweet. Hahaha LOL… mocking Hae? Everyone, He’s my ultimate bias in SJ, Thank you very much ^^


Whenever I see you, my heart rushes
Whenever I see you, I smile
I’m going to take courage and tell you
So open your ears and listen carefully

* It isn’t something I can say easily
Oh baby
I’ve looked at you with a genuine heart

** On in your shining eyes
On your sweet lips
I’ll promise my love
Believe me baby
Oh now hold my hand
Always be with me
If you will whisper your love only to me

Whenever you say my name
Whenever you look at my eyes
I can’t hear anything
Or see anything

Now don’t hesitate any longer
Just tell me baby
If you tell me that you love me

On in your shining eyes
On your sweet lips
I’ll promise my love
Believe me baby
Oh now hold my hand
Always be with me


neoman bomyeon seolleneun na
neoman bomyeon utneun na
yonggi naeeo malharyeohae
gwi giullyeo jal deureoya hae

geuri swipge haneun mal aningeol
Oh baby
jinsimeuro neol baraewatdeon na

Oh bitnaneun neoui du nune
dalkomhan neoui ipsure
nae sarangeul yaksokhalge
Believe me baby
Oh ijeneun nae sonjabajwo
hangsang hamkke haejwo
naegeman ne sarangeul soksagyeojundamyeon

nae ireumeul bulleo jul ttaemyeon
nae nuneul bara bol ttaemyeon
geu mueotdo deullijido
boijido annneun geot gata

geuri swipge haneun mal aningeol
Oh baby
jinsimeuro neol baraewatdeon na

Oh bitnaneun neoui du nune
dalkomhan neoui ipsure
nae sarangeul yaksokhalge
Believe me baby
Oh ijeneun nae sonjabajwo
hangsang hamkke haejwo
naegeman ne sarangeul soksagyeojundamyeon

ijen deo isang mangseoriji malgo
Just tell me baby
saranghandago malhaejundamyeon

Oh bitnaneun neoui du nune
dalkomhan neoui ipsure
nae sarangeul yaksokhalge
Believe me baby
Oh ijeneun nae sonjabajwo
hangsang hamkke haejwo

Loving Kwon Sul’s voice.. Wook’s one tweeted that He got a signed album from Urban zakapa.. I want my own copy too ^^

[Screencap] Ms Panda and Mr Hedgehog EP1

Donghae was just too adorable for words! Well it’s just the pilot episode but i find it quite interesting and very fun to watch,Loving the drama already, can’t wait for next week!

I have no idea what’s going on the first episode but i’m pretty sure though, We have to all gear-up for some heart breaking scenes between Hae and his Grandpa.

Going to share some screencaps, Sorry for the Low quality.

Obviously my connections starts to buffer…lol


Connection Freezes… Cute Hae!

Finally…. a better screencap!

This reminds me of one of his facial expressions in Skip Beat 🙂

a sort of argument scene.. but then again.. i don’t understand a thing lol

one of the scenes when he stares on their family picture… i smell some real drama coming…


……Ladies are you ready for the last 2 screen caps…LOL

………..Hae’s leading lady on this drama resembles Ivy Chen… Skinny and funny ^^ I hope some fans were able to upload raw vid.

I think he also sang one of the songs in this drama

Waiting for EP2! ^^

Channel A live streaming
Donghae’s CUT – Credit:shutingyeah

Super Junior’s DONGHAE new Drama on Aug 18th at 07.30PM (KST) Channel A

Donghae as Go Seungji
Genius Patissier

Sudden ill fate from an accident caused by his father Choi Jaegyung! To protect the bakery and to live, his mother goes to jail in place of his father. 6 years old Seungji grew up without knowing about the situation. He grew up without a single picture of his parents so he currently does not remember his parents. after going from an orphanage, rehab, and jail, Park ByungMoo took him in as a patissier He set his goal as Saint Honore Thanks to Park Byungmoo, he has recovered to the point he can live normally but he still fears that people will throw him away He has an attitude and punches people easily. He has dated before but never loved before. Infront of his first love, Panda, he is just a small porcupine.

Today, July 18th On his twitter update. “SEE YOU SOON”

Can’t wait to watch Donghae making the sweetest cake on this drama! Whose excited?!?!?! *raise both hands* ME!!!!

Drama title: Miss Panda and Hedgehog

Official FB fan page:

Source: Tumblr & Twitter. I edited the photos above a bit! ^_^

Bruce Youn: “elf not to worry he is fine”

Following the deactivation of Heechul’s twitter account hours before his birthday, Left many ELFs worried and rant disappointments on different social networking sites. Today on Brue Youn’s kakao talk status confirming that Heechul is just doing fine and just needed some time… I screencap the status update and his DP to share with the worried Petals/Elfs.

Bruce: “Elf not to worry he is fine let him giv(e) some space”

Heechul last tweet 120709

[Heechul Twitter update]
집 앞도 구청 앞도 쫓아도 오지마세요. 30살 먹고 좀 착해졌나했는데 난 안되나봐요. 교통사고 후유증이 아직도 남아있는데 매번 목숨 걸고 도망가듯 운전하는거 무섭습니다. 실망을 한다해도, 배 부른줄 알아야해도 전 목숨이 하나라 안되겠네요. 이해심 부족한 제 탓입니다. 그리고 잘 모르는 외국친구들한테 웃으면서 삥 뜯지마요 아저씨들. 웃으면서 애들 등 쳐먹는거 양아치 같으니까. 이 글을 마지막으로 이런 피해자가 또 나오지 않았으면 합니다. 1년동안 트윗도 안하고 조용히 살겠습니다. 1년 뒤에 봐요. 생일 축하해준 많은 분들 고맙습니다.

[Trans] @Heedictator: Don’t follow me to the front of our house or the ward office. I thought maybe I’d become a little nicer after turning 30, but it seems like I can’t. Because there’s still a bit of post-accident trauma remaining, I’m scared of risking my life driving to escape (from sasaeng taxis) every single time. Even if I’m disappointed, and should know when to stop, because I have only one life to live, I can’t just let it off. It’s my fault, I lack an understanding heart. And (sasaeng taxi) ahjussi’s, please stop ripping off unknowing foreign fans, with smiles on your faces. Because living off kids like that while smiling makes you seem like a beggar. As a round-off to this tweet, I wish that there won’t be anymore victims like this.

I will live quietly for the next 1 year without even tweeting. See you in a year’s time. Thank you to the many people who wished me happy birthday.

-T/N: He doesn’t mention that it’s about sasaeng taxis, but you can infer from the context-

via @AllRiseXiahtic


120621 6th Jib TEASER: Eunhyuk [1P] | 120622 6th Jib TEASER: Donghae [1P]

120623 6th Jib TEASER: Leeteuk and Ryeowook [2P] | 120624 6th Jib TEASER: Yesung and Shindong [2P]

Credit:  Sports Chosun
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