Watching cartoons and learning family values?

Do you sit with your kids and watch cartoon together and once in awhile be a couch potato with them?Well I do! We are once a little kid right?  Again parental control is still needed. There are still few shows on cartoon network or in Disney channel asia these days that still has a good sense of family value and cultural value and at the same time entertaining. Say for example; Phineas & Ferbs, Upin & Ipin. My kids love to watche them.. and So do I… ^_^
 Phineas & Ferbs are actually half brothers. they are a product of a blended family and on the series they seems to really go along and never been a problem with the boys and their sister.. And one  thing i like about this show is their love for MOM. Here’s one episode of Phineas, Ferbs and candace singing I Love You Mom. 
Upin & Ipin a malaysian series about a twin brothers (Grandma, sister, friends)  that has a wide range of teaching of the values of hard work, honesty, generosity and respect..  It teaches the kids the universal moral values among asian. Aside from the cuteness of the twins us adults can learn something from this series as well.
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 Watching both of these cartoons able (You) and Your kids to pick a positive message and incorporate them in real life. I am not speaking in general though.. But yes… It’s entertaining. Pretty tolerable cartoon to watch with your kiddos. We parents has different preferences and rule though.. This is just me Being a mom to a 6 and 5 yr old boys. ^^ 
again, monitoring our kids watching cartoons is a must. ^^

My Kids addicted to GANGNAM STYLE

LOL .. My kids are seriously addicted to Gangnam Style…They even asked me to download the video on YT.  & Last night they were like crazily dancing to the hoarse dance…  Goodness! ^^ One time on the elevator in our condo; Me, Kid1 and a korean guy. Out of the blue, Kid1 sang oo-oopa gangnam style. The korean guy was like.. What the heck! then he just smiled at us. ^^

심각하게 오 Psy oppa, What have u done to my boys?!? ^^

oh by the way KID1 says Hyuna is so sexy.. ^^

Be A “Koreanophiles” – My Korean boyfriend KOMMUNITY AND KONTRIBUTORS


My Korean will be launching  the “KOMMUNITY and KONTRIBUTOR” segment on a few days. For those who doesn’t know it yet,  The website is owned by Ms. Kring Elenzano.  She is a Tv/event host, freelance director and producer, a writer and videoblogger/blogger.  She was one of the  founders of Cassiopeia Philippines and the Phil Kpop Committee, Inc. Also, Ms. Kring is very popular among KPOP fanatics.

Today, On his FB page, Ms. Kring announces about the launching of  My Korean Boyfriend Kommunity and Kontributors.  I think the whole idea of it sounds fun, new, and interesting. It was stated in the blog post that It won’t be the typical news blog. Good thing She said that because we all know that there are oodless kpop site who surfaced now on the internet.  Oh well if there will be similarities, Atleast this one is Filipino-made 🙂 Lol enough of my blabber. Read the full details here

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Social Plus magazine JAY PARK June issue

Social plus magazine is an online-digital-web magazine that is all  about the social media, social networks, pr marketing and other media related news & articles.

for their June issue, They will have a full feature cover story of  International artist JAY PARK  on his 3 -day mall tour showcase of  his full length album entitled “New Breed”

Many are asking , *including myself! If they will publish a hard copy for the June issue.

The response i got from twitter is that for now we can visit their website and download the full issue FOR FREE!

Social Plus magazine website for more updates.

Social Plus magazine twitter account

Jay Park – arrival in Manila 2012

Jay Park – Day 1 eastwood

[HIGH CUT] JAY PARK – under the “sheets”

Via Jay Park (AOM) 's High cut Photo shoot
Can you just imagine how is HE under the "sheets" LOL
Good looking Baby boy? No! This is one HOT baby boy!
Alright enough of my being pervy..hahaha...Sorryyyy lah
Oh by the way, Now i understand the meaning of his new released FRESH AIR BREATHE IT mixtape!
right down sexy dirty Jay Park!

Jay Park in Manila 2012 2nd night awesomeness

Jay Park nailed it on the second night! This time it was raining the entire show but the Fans,the crowd and specially JAY PARK had an awesomeness time!
He was on all black shirt and pants last night making him more HOTTER! during the sound check Lights are still off but since me and my friends are like super near the stage we can actually see sumexy Jay Park oh so clearly! haha …Again, there were tech. difficulties during the opening song (damn the sound system..oh well) but again he managed to perform well and all the fans were super supportive! 🙂

Guys, sorry for the low quality and sorry for the screaming fangirls on the background lol (one fangirl in front of us was like super duper hardcore Jay fans)

Jay’s performance last night was more impressive than the first night, and there were more funny0crazy ad-libs from Jay.

During the “Know your name” perf…Jay on the last part of the song.

Jay:”Do you want to know my name”

Crowd: screams JAY PARK

Jay sings: “You already know my name”

Crowd: more screams from the fans

Jay sings: “let me wipe my sweat on my face” then went looking for a tissue

Crowd: Laughs

Jay sings: -the tissue is on his pocket- “oh i already have tissue on my pocket”

Crowd: more laughs

Well you better watch the video. It’s actually Funny when you watch it your self 🙂
Video credit: Orange magazine TV 🙂

Google to host a Kpop Concert

On May 21st at 6PM PST, Google will be hosting a concert at their Mountain View, California headquarters featuring performances by K-Pop’s reigning stars including SM Entertainment‘s Girls’ Generation, TVXQ, Super Junior as well as KARA, SISTAR, MBLAQ, B2ST, and the Wonder Girls. This event will broadcast through MBC and Google.

This will be the first time that a K-Pop concert will broadcast through not only a Korean channel, but through a major internet portal like Google, evidencing the rise of K-Pop’s popularity all over the world.

A representative of the event stated, “After hearing the news that Korean artists will be performing at the Google headquarters, curiosity has peaked even among the local event organizers. I think that previous performances by Korean artists were targeted towards Korean-Americans or the Koreans living abroad, but this time its appeal will spread to all fans of pop music in the US.”

In related news, SM artists will also be performing for their ‘SMTown Live‘ concert at the Honda Center in California on May 20th.

Source: Star News via Nate, Osen via Nate
Translation by: Allkpop