If you ever get the chance to see Hello Ghost, WATCH IT. (Super Junior members movie recommendation)

When your biases recommends anything; from books to read, food to eat, movies to watch.. Do you definitely go and try everything they say? Well I’m not that type of fan though. Well What made me watch this is because of the trans from Hyukjae’s interview in 10asia. I got all curios and wonder who among them cried a lot while watching. On sukira wook mentioned It was a good movie, Sungmin then replied; what happened w/ The kimpab blah blah …and I’m like O_O is the kimbap part of the story plot? haha

Hyukjae said on the interview “I think the movie that the most number of members saw together is Hello Ghost. On our plane ride to a concert overseas, someone had already saw it and recommended it. So all the members saw the movie on the plane. At first, I thought it was a comedy and said, “why are you crying?” But then, when I came back from the bathroom, all the members were crying. They had blankets in their mouths and their eyes were swollen. Although I cried too, I laughed a lot watching them. I think my heart was moved more because I didn’t expect it to be that touching.”

Still hesitant….

But there…

I damn gave it a try to watch and  it was totally worth of my time!

Hilarious yet touching. I thought it will bore me on the first 30 minutes but darn it i didn’t really expected that twist that made me cried buckets! I was caught unguarded! LOL.

The whole story hides a lesson about Life and family, not the one that is going to transform someone’s life in 101 degrees though…. The realization is towards the end of the movie..

It wouldn’t be a great movie if it wasn’t a  huge box office success in Korea, selling over 3 million tickets in two months… and Director Chris Columbus said “Its strong universal message translates to any culture, and I’m looking forward to bringing a version of this wonderful story to the English-speaking audience.”  Particularly the ones who can’t read, since releasing Hello Ghost in America with perfectly reasonable subtitles was never considered as a viable option. Convincing enough? But really Try it! watch it!

Question? So did Chris Columbus pursue the remake?

Unnamed QQ Screenshot20121209201013Unnamed QQ Screenshot20121209201134 Hello Ghost ( 헬로우 고스트; Hellowoo Goseuteu) is a 2010 South Korean comedy film about a man’s multiple failed suicide attempts. After the most recent one, he discovers he can now see a family of ghosts. They make an agreement that they will leave him alone once he fulfills their requests. Dubbed as the 9th grossing film of Korean Films in 2010.

Starring korean actor Cha Tae-hyeon of My sassy girl.

Watch the FULL LENGTH MOVIE w/ ENG SUBS HERE: Hello Ghost Full

Thanks to Yeye, Wook and Hyukjae for the recommendation! ^_^


Lee Hyukjae’s vacay from Amsterdam and somewhere to Belgium ♥♥

Random Photos shared by Hyukies on his twitter account. I juz Edited them a bit… What a lovely and amazing  Son.. taking his time to be w/ his Family on a grand Vacay…. Oh I wish my kids will grow up like Hyukjae… not my boys being the  kpop idol haha…I want my kids to send me to Belgium for a vacay.. A Mothers day gift maybe… oh well, Deep well… ^^ Fangirling-motherhood… crazy combo you might think..yeah..

I also attached the link of the fanaccout/video of those fans who met hyukjae at Brussels train station. ^^

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Sexy Free And Single Full MV | Still images-screen caps | Press Conference [Vid]

I am pretty sure that the million adoring fans world wide of  The Super Junior has definitely set their moods to…BINGO! ^  Today, July 3 11am KST,  with Not more than an hour after their 6th jib Press conference, On the official YouTube channel of SM entertainment, the full Music Video for The Sexy Free and Single already received and continues on receiving mixed reviews from  the “Loyal Fans” the “Neutrals” and even the “antis/fans”.
My personal point of view as a Fan and a new  ELF, (If i may say ).  There is nothing  grand on the music video itself.  No highly budgeted location shoot, No beaming lights, Less make-up and costume styles.
But wait up!!! Before you all cast your curses on me. Let me tell you this!!!! AHSJHSGJGJKGJFHGJG!!! I EFFIN FREAKING WOWED AND LOVED THE MV! WHO CARES IF THE BOYS ARE JUST DANCING AGAIN ON A BOX?!?!?! THEY DON’T NEED TO GO SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW TO SHOOT THE MV. NO NEED FOR A NICE PAIR OF SHOES AND SHIRTS too! damn siwon’s & teukie’s  SHOW YOUR NIPPLES outfit and damn the recycled shoes and shirts from ShinEE’s and Exo’s MV’s… FOR THE HELL I,WE CARE?! As long as SJ  is there WE accept and appreciate! (but just a thought..SMENT!? are you running out of budget?!) ^^
Seriously, It doesn’t need to be that epic kind of MV. They need not to IMPRESS  to gain more views on you tube or increase more their popularity. Then again, Yes!  A more epic music video concept is a plus factor though! But for A loyal and appreciative  fans at the moment can appreciate & accepts SJ’s on the things that they can ONLY do and  can not do. BEHIND EVERY SUPER JUNIOR’S SUCCESS ARE the “ELFs”  Not just with Super Junior, This goes to all kpop groups as well. Every success of your idol/s depends on the level and amount of love and support you intend to give them.
As Leeutek said at the Press-con  LEE TEUK: “I want to say that Super Junior is a success. It’s not a success because it reached a certain status, but because it’s working with great members and staff. Success is happiness. They said that if you still want many things you’re still poor, and if you don’t want much you’re rich. There are so many great people around us and we don’t want much, so we’re successful. I think our first single cut [Sexy, Free & Single] fits us from that aspect.” 
He added, “I believe that Super Junior needs to pioneer new roads in the future. I hope we’ll become an idol that’s loved across the nation for a long time. They say that a war of the stars is going on these days, and that’s great. I believe K-Pop will become even more successful in the world. Please show us your support.”
Read between the lines again and feel it lol.  Exactly what i’m trying to say!  – LT: There are so many great people around us and we don’t want much, so we’re successful.
We are lucky (yes! including me^^)  to be able to see them (10members) in their 6th with Kangin and before Leetuek  military enlistment. Let’s take this as a gift!
And to those who can’t stand their comeback album…It’s simple.. Don’t watch nor listen. Waste of time! Chill!  It’s either Love it or Leave it! Just Don’t watch coz ONLY the SEXY FREE AND SINGLE can appreciate it! trolololololo! kiddin’ Peace everyone!
Enough of my looong blabber on with the screen caps and video links.
Press Conference



Screen caps | MV | Press Con


Video Links/Photos from the press conference, credit belongs  to it’s  rightful owners.

Super Junior Comeback Confirmed for July 1: #SEXYFREEandSINGLE

Countdown to SJ’s 6th Album! 10 days to go?!! is it JULY yet?!?!?!
Photo source: sportsseoul|worldwideELFtwitter

This will be my first time to experience on how is it to be really an SJ fan: anticipating comeback, waiting for teasers: Photo and MV! Like seriously, is everyone going crazy? on all social media sites: Tiwtter, facebook, me2day etc, Fans are making noise out of it!

#SexyFreeandSingle is trending worldwide! haha that’s the power of ELFs huh?! I don’t consider my self a genuine old first elf whatever you want to call it, But,…But, Yes I’m still a huge fan of the SUPER JUNIOR!

I can not contain my excitement! ^^

Today, Eunhyuk’s Teaser Revealed

Credit: Soompi

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Alright, enough! back to my daily chores! July 1 come faster Jeeebaaaal!

120516 ANAN Interview with LEE HYUKJAE “Seriously, I’m really good in driving” “a girl who sends me a handwritten letter ?”

  • MOD: Eunhyuk, who is always work at the center, with such a delicate and advanced dance techniques that flows from the splendour figure of his on the highlight stage. He woke up to his dream since his 3rd year of elementary school.
  • EH: During school, whenever I entered a school’s event and danced on stage, my friends always praised me and said, ‘So cool !’ I can never forget the feeling I got when I heard all the praises, and I’ve determined myself to be a dancer.
  • MOD: The recently released Japanese single, ‘Oppa Oppa’ which is the collaboration with Donghae, shows a 80’s disco dance which brings us to the maximum excitement.
  • EH: I’ve known Donghae long before we debuted, so our teamwork is perfect. As Super Junior members, we always show our cool side, and for this sub-unit we thought of showing the fans our fun appearance. I’m extremely happy be able to came out with CD in Japan. When both of us have activities together, I discovered alot of new things. I didn’t realised this when all members dance together, but when there’s only 2 of us, I noticed that Donghae tends to change and improvise the choreography with his own style. It’s so annoying and I thought to myself, ‘I wanna dance with my own style too !’, but of course, the expert like me will need to match the dance (laughs).
  • MOD: Beside dancing, Eunhyuk claimed himself as an expert in driving.
  • EH: Seriously, I’m really good in driving. I feel like I have the sense of smell in choosing road (laughs). And I still drive myself to my work place until now.
  • MOD: The exciting point a girl would think of a guy who takes good care of her at the passenger’s seat, turns back to make a reverse and shows only his side face ?
  • EH: Oh really ? Recently most navigation system for cars have a back camera attached to it, so there’s no need to look back while reversing. And I never had the chance to do it…. (tears). But if girls think its romantic, I will need to try this at least once !
  • MOD: Then, the type of girl that you’ll give a ride ?
  • EH: Someone who likes me, all of them (♪). Okay its a lie. Honestly, I don’t know what type…. Maybe a girl who sends me a handwritten letter ?… In short, the innocent one.
  • MOD: Secrets that you never tell the members ?
  • EH: Last year, I thought of writing each members my thankful letter, and I even bought the writing papers and stationary. But once I sat on my table, everything seems to be so difficult and in the end, I just gave up. But why did I even think of doing that ? Strange.
  • MOD: The moment you think of yourself as a junior(kid) ?
  • EH: The time I felt so emotional when Yesung gave me a Disney anime DVD, and when I have unbalanced diet. I can’t really eat seafood, and I don’t like vegetables. In contrast, I love sweets and candy, or things that usually loved by kids (laughs) Translated by : @syazureq Photo: Monkey-fish



FULL CREDITS:掌心witheunhae Scan by:yin酱


Lee Hyukjae’s version of erick benet’s – cracks of my broken heart

Hyukjae! What have you done to me! seriously, I might not have the strength to resist you! BAM! haha Define delusional?!
I’ve been watching this video clips for like 100 times plus plus plus… When a friend hot linked me on twitter from the audio clip, I was like Whose singing? Hyukjae?!
When she gave me the link for me to watch i was like alright it’s really anchovy who is singing!

I have just learned that Tae yang of Bigbang also sang a version of this song! Love both taeyang’s and hyukie’s style 🙂

Oh well i just wished that on Super junior’s 6TH album, Hyukie can have more longer lines longer parts in singing and can K.R.Y. guest him to do some ballads…I mean..Well i know for sure The dude can rap but heyyy SMENT he can actually sing for realz!!! He can sing so well! give him a break hahaha…

OMG! I just can feel hyukie’s emotions, It seems his really in pain…He’s feeling the song sooo much!

Just thinking though… Why did He chooses that song? Is there something about the song?! “cracks of my broken heart” hmmm i know He’s happy with her gf?! oopppss
Well his human…super junior are HUMAN being like us! anywayS…

Again, I’m just new to super junior..just late last year. Donghae was my first bias. It was only after watching several FAME musical clips on youtube when i totally fel in love with LEE HYUKJAE..not the eunhyuk of suju but the Real Lee Hyukjae. Don’t get me wrong. Just a Fan girl Point of view 🙂

Anyways..sharing the lyrics from Erick benet’s – cracks of my borken heart.

Maybe we need just a little more time
Time that can heal what’s been on your mind
You can find what we lost before it all slips away
We need time to mend from the mistakes I’ve made
God only knows what a heart can survive
So many tears from all the pain in our lives
And where else could we go after all we’ve been through
I still believe my life is right here with you

So just hold on
And it’ll wont take long
I hope that you can love me
When the pain is gone
I don’t want us to fall through the cracks of a broken heart
Don’t want us to fall through the cracks of your broken heart

I know its taking a while but every lesson, i’ve learned
And if your heart speaks tonight, I’ll hear every word
If you want to be free I’ll never stand in your way
But with all that I am, I’m asking you to stay

Hold on
And it’ll wont take long
I hope that you can love me
When the pain is gone
I don’t want us to fall through the cracks of a broken heart
Don’t want us to fall through the cracks of your broken heart

There’s a light that can burn
It exists in the heart
You can feel it when you know love is true
If you could try to be strong
And keep the light burning long
It took a lifetime but i found it in you

Hold on
And it’ll wont take long
I hope that you can love me
When the pain is gone
I don’t want us to fall through the cracks of a broken heart
Don’t want us to fall through the cracks of your broken heart

Video credit:nkh625