Crescent Moon live 三日月 Super Junior Ryeowook

They just have this unique collections of Japanese cover. KRY and Super Junior has this sort of vulnerable style of singing that expresses more emotions. Oh well I am just too biased here?

My fave SJ song cover is still Minwook’s History though.

But I instantly fell in love w/ Wookie’s rendition of crescent moon for the second time around.This time performing it at SS6 TOKYO

*I Don’t own the video

10-08-01 KRY Concert in Japan Ryeowook Solo 三日月

Original Version by Ayaka’s

English version by Charice Pempengco

If you ever get the chance to see Hello Ghost, WATCH IT. (Super Junior members movie recommendation)

When your biases recommends anything; from books to read, food to eat, movies to watch.. Do you definitely go and try everything they say? Well I’m not that type of fan though. Well What made me watch this is because of the trans from Hyukjae’s interview in 10asia. I got all curios and wonder who among them cried a lot while watching. On sukira wook mentioned It was a good movie, Sungmin then replied; what happened w/ The kimpab blah blah …and I’m like O_O is the kimbap part of the story plot? haha

Hyukjae said on the interview “I think the movie that the most number of members saw together is Hello Ghost. On our plane ride to a concert overseas, someone had already saw it and recommended it. So all the members saw the movie on the plane. At first, I thought it was a comedy and said, “why are you crying?” But then, when I came back from the bathroom, all the members were crying. They had blankets in their mouths and their eyes were swollen. Although I cried too, I laughed a lot watching them. I think my heart was moved more because I didn’t expect it to be that touching.”

Still hesitant….

But there…

I damn gave it a try to watch and  it was totally worth of my time!

Hilarious yet touching. I thought it will bore me on the first 30 minutes but darn it i didn’t really expected that twist that made me cried buckets! I was caught unguarded! LOL.

The whole story hides a lesson about Life and family, not the one that is going to transform someone’s life in 101 degrees though…. The realization is towards the end of the movie..

It wouldn’t be a great movie if it wasn’t a  huge box office success in Korea, selling over 3 million tickets in two months… and Director Chris Columbus said “Its strong universal message translates to any culture, and I’m looking forward to bringing a version of this wonderful story to the English-speaking audience.”  Particularly the ones who can’t read, since releasing Hello Ghost in America with perfectly reasonable subtitles was never considered as a viable option. Convincing enough? But really Try it! watch it!

Question? So did Chris Columbus pursue the remake?

Unnamed QQ Screenshot20121209201013Unnamed QQ Screenshot20121209201134 Hello Ghost ( 헬로우 고스트; Hellowoo Goseuteu) is a 2010 South Korean comedy film about a man’s multiple failed suicide attempts. After the most recent one, he discovers he can now see a family of ghosts. They make an agreement that they will leave him alone once he fulfills their requests. Dubbed as the 9th grossing film of Korean Films in 2010.

Starring korean actor Cha Tae-hyeon of My sassy girl.

Watch the FULL LENGTH MOVIE w/ ENG SUBS HERE: Hello Ghost Full

Thanks to Yeye, Wook and Hyukjae for the recommendation! ^_^

“STORY” by Japanese singer A.I. – song cover by Sarah G. vs Super Junior’s MINWOOK

First off  I’m not trying to start a fan war here. ^_^  Before you all roll your eyes on this.. Read full post first 🙂  I like Sarah. My mom & sister are a big fan of hers, Attended her concert multiple times.. Yeah lol…and No doubt she’s our country’s pride & one and only pop star princess.

I was browsing on to look for the profile of the original singer when search engine gave me “Sarah G japan”. So i watched and learned that it was one of those popular songs in Japan. Having mostly Pinoy audiences in her concert and hearing them sing a long w/ Sarah is wow.. indeed the song “STORY” is a big hit (from 2005 till present)

But you know we people can’t help but compare right?….So i compiled different versions from YouTube and yes, everyone’s got their own style.. ^^

Let’s move on to a more bias comment coming of course from a SJ fan ^^ (yours truly) ^^

Kim Ryeo wook and Lee Sungmin are part of the Korean idol group Super Junior, that has recently finished a succesful concert in Tokyo Dome (50,000 audience capacity)

Of all the performances collection of the boys in the whole DVD i intentionally skipped wookmin’s part. LOL. When i finally Gave it a try//watched/listened .. There I was WOWED by their rendition and got this impression of “let the music do the talking” and just by watching them you can actually interpret the song meaning & the strong emotions behind the song. These kids really got a lot of potentials.. enough said..and by the way i enjoyed MinWook’s more than Eunhae’s oppa oppa lol. Just kiddin’^^

MinWook’s rendition has touched me deeply in many ways. ^^  and i will not lie it cause me to shed a few tears every time I’ll listen to it. Excuse me… I’m just a softy. ^_^

So there… Go read the trans and watch the different versions i attached below If you like.. not forcing you guys.. But yeah… give it a try LOL…

English Translation

Just what is it that I can do 
In the time that I’m limited to… 
Which of my feelings that I can’t find the words for 
Can I tell to you… 
I’ve always kept them locked away 
You made the pain in my heart disappear 
Now, I’m smiling 
Because you cried with me 

I’m not alone 
Because you’ll protect me 
I can be strong, I’m not afraid of anything anymore…. 
Time calms me 
And passes together with my pain 
Sun light gently shines down 

I can’t explain it to you in words 
So it’s alright if you don’t smile 
If there’s something on your mind, then want you to ask me about it anytime 
When you’re tired, I’ll lend you my shoulder 
No matter how strong you pretend to be 
There are times when you’ll let out a sigh 
Loneliness is a heavy door to move 
If we stand up together, we can start to move it again 

You’re not alone 
Because I’ll protect you 
I want to see your smiling face 
Time calms me 
And passes together with my pain 
Sun light gently shines down 

Sometimes people get hurt as they’re hurting others 
Each of our colors are different 
But we each of us have our own story  – my fave part!!!!
We live our lives as we make it 
So never (never), never (never) 
Give up… 

You’re not alone 
Because I’ll protect you 
I want to see your smiling face 
Time calms me 
And passes together with my pain 
Sun light gently shines down

Super Junior’s MinWook (Sungmin & Ryeowook) Super Show 4 TOKYO DOME May 13, 2012  – (Full Credit )

Sarah G’s version ^_^ Concert @  Omiya Japan Sept.23 2012 The powerful voice as always^^ Pinoy pride! 🙂

…and the original version by Ai! I got goosebumps for realz 10x  more than watching wookmin’s ver. LOL

Ai is an American/Japanese singer, songwriter and record producer In 2005, Ai released the ballad single “Story,” which became the biggest hit of her career. ^^