SEPTEMBER – Life, Second Chances & Love

*This is a long over due blog entry*

“That we only begin to start living our lives If today were the last of all days ” – The Last Day

It’s not an uncommon feelings that we sometimes want to change something in our lives, do something right, do something different, extra ordinary or move forward…but we feel kinda stuck? uninspired? and think that we’ve lost all the chances we have and or

other times we assume that we need that one drastic change to be happy and content… but actually we don’t. We insist on making it complicated but actually life is really simple we just have to live by the present and enjoy the now.

When we Love: … it’s not a matter of chance but a matter of choice

In Second Chances: We don’t get second chances, we give ourselves second chances

In Life.. still our choice that matter

So there… I just had the sudden urge to share and write that down. All the inspirations are form the story  – SEPTEMBER. It’s actually a FanFic…simple yet  full of amazingly timeless Life lessons.  A fluff and angsty fic rolled into one.

This fanfic is one of my simple joys and guilty pleasures… Well if you are into kpop and SJ fandom and a kyumin fan? you’ll prolly understand 🙂 I just have an overflowing feels and love for this story aghgjdkjsskgfl

But seriously…

Sometimes we all need a little push and few life reminders right? So this story is for all of us and I highly recommend!

Well for non kpop fan…just think this way — you want a new book to read, you’re into romcom, chiclit, inspirational-kind-of-book,or basically you want something new? a different genre maybe? well give this one a try! 🙂

over all it’s well written. Hands down to the author of this fanfic.. She’s a lawyer and an awesome writer! Also, this fic has been heavily inspired by Marilyn Scott’s The Last Day.

Here are few of my fave quotes, phrases or line or whatever you call it LOL

September is a month of change when summer slowly gives in to autumn and the leaves have to learn how to say goodbye to the tree that they have comfortably clung on to. It is a month that subtly speaks of new beginnings. People’s lives, after all, are not stagnant water that won’t move unless the container is shaken. However, this change does not necessarily have to be something drastic or something extraordinary. It could be as easy as sitting in your own living room, doing the most ordinary of routines and yet feeling something new about it.

What defines each and every human being is not their ability to change to the world in a snap of a finger. It is their capacity to start change within themselves and appreciate life as it goes.

After all, it really does not have to be the last day before we start living our lives, does it?



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