Jay Park To Take Over Asia! _New Breed Asia Tour_

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Jay Park To Take Over Asia!

After successully concluding his first Asia promotion tour and U.S. tour, Jay Park will continue to meet his international fans.

Jay Park will kick off his Asia

tour titled, “”New Breed Asia Tour In Seoul,” at the Olympic Park in Seoul, and continue thoughout Asia.

During his upcoming concert, Jay Park will surprise fans with his honest and charismatic stage persona as well as distinct performance abilities. The scale of his concert will be bigger and fancier compared to his last concert in Seoul.

The tickets to Jay Park’s “New Breed Asia Tour In Seoul” will be available for purchase on June 21st through YES24.



Back stage interview with Jay Park – [Koreaboo’s EXCLUSIVE]

Props to Koreaboo for a great interview!

koreaboo: Tell me more about this tour.

Jay:  This is the APAHM TOUR. sponsored by verizon My 1st time Touring  in the states actually and  It feels pretty good i mean, the shows being very successful so far My first time meeting my US fans so it’s feels good.

Koreaboo: How does it feel being in the US in terms of touring. Are there any pros and cons.

Jay: There’s only Pros, It’s my first time meeting my fans in the states. A lot of people came out for me and  thousand people came out  in New york. they waited in the rain, countless hours. They step on the street just to see me. Showed me a lot of love So i appreciate it.

Koreaboo: Tell me about the new tape. (Mixtape)/What Inspired you/the concept of the mixtape.

Jay: The mixtape is just something for the fans, For the APHAM tour, I  just wanted to do specials. There is no concept  i just want to give you guys some english music. I guess it’s a “mixtapes” in general that inspires this mixtape.

Koreaboo: Are there any artist you are listening to right now

Jay: I listen to bunch of people, I like Drake, Mac miller,Nicki Minaj, Chris brown,  Asher

Koreaboo: If you are to pick one song that represents your self right now. What  would will it be.

Jay: That’s is very very tough…. i  have to get back to you after 5 years.

Koreaboo: Do you have any intentions touring outside of US?

Jay: I just toured in ASIA right before i came. I was in Singapore, Manila, Indonesia, Malaysia and hopefully I can do a NEW BREED concert tour in the future.  ( Yay! Manila Representz!)

Koreaboo: Do you have any interest Expanding in Europe maybe. Mexico or Brazil?

Jay: I would loved to be in EUROPE, MEXICO.  I would loved to go to BRAZIL, AUSTRALIA. (wow jay! WORLD WIDE) 

Koreaboo: What are the challenges when you go on tour? How do you  deal with stress ? What inspires you and what keeps you going

Jay: Being on the plane is the worst thing ever. Everything else is good, I was on the plane for 15 hours. I feel like crap, I came straight from the Asia tour, I feel Sick, Jet lagged. I’m  performing so i couldn’t rest.  Of course the Fans keeps me going. I was actually asleep right before performing on stage on New Your,  I was sleeping on the floor. ( LOl)

Koreaboo:  Are there any difference between  US fans and ASIAN  fans

Jay: I would say that in the US fans there are much more of variety of people. Like in Malaysia, There are Malaysian fans, You know what i mean? a good mix of people? ( Yep! I got you Jay!)

Koreaboo: Do you feel that Your music overcomes that language barrier? (talking about the English Fans)

Jay: I think It does, They don’t understand Korean,  but they are dancing with the music and singing along. It feels Good.

Koreaboo: Is it your first time at club Nokia?

Jay: Yeah it is.i din’t know that Nokia has a club. (Bwahaha Funny Jay)

Koreaboo: Shout outs to koreaboo Fans.

Jay: To all my KOREABOO’s ( Oh how cute when he said that ^^) Wazz up Ya’ll This is JAY PARK. Thank You  so much for all your support. I hope i could see you guys often. Take care PEACE


Jay Park and the Verizon APAHM Tour Light Up The Big Apple

By Janine Bower | May 21, 2012 MTVK

The air was thick with the roaring din of restless concert goers. Venue packed tight, the atmosphere was littered with camera flashes and intermittent screams. Long red glow sticks whipped through the air as all waited in anticipation of the Verizon-sponsored tour to begin.

Sliding onto the stage with raw energy and punchlines galore was comedian Joey Guila. Alongside his personal DJ, Guila kept the crowd laughing with his side-splitting Asian language impressions and beat-boxing bit. Los Angeles native and vixen Viennie V followed as the first musical act to take the stage, kicking off the night with a few upbeat tracks and a medley of some of today’s hits. Her energetic backup dancers helped her pump up the crowd with a special performance to “Party Rock Anthem” by LMFAO. (Mad props to the singer for doing the shuffle in high heels.)

Next up was freeform rapper and f-bomb friendly DumbFounDead. His relaxed devil-may-care essence and numerous nods to the concert’s sponsor barely skimmed the surface of his performance. All jokes aside, his performance of “Are We There Yet” showed just how lyrical he can get. In dedication to his mother and sister, he spit: “Now I was only three when she brought me to the States/ My sister only one, crossing borders wasn’t safe/ What she did was very brave, I think about it everyday/ From Argentina to Mexico, and finally L.A.” But right before you write-off the serious side of DumbFounDead, he did also perform that aptly-titled infamous ode to his ex-girlfriend called, “Bitch,” which totally kicked the room’s ass into high gear. To close his set, he invited rappers Decipher, Manifest and Lyricks, among others to help him shake the house down, thanks to some earth-shattering bass and head-bopping delivery.

Then finally, the moment the crowd had been waiting and screeching their lungs out for. Jay Park bust onto the stage, taking the helm like the pro that he is. Capping the night with a bang despite, Jay, who was performing on just three hours of sleep, glided across the stage, popping and locking left and right. He even picked up the pace later in the show when he performed with Art of Movement b-boys Junior and Tony, only to stop and take a breather in order to share an anecdote about an exploded caterpillar.

The triple threat was at it again soon enough, performing songs from his latest FreshA!R-Breathe!T mixtape. His scintillating renditions of “Do What We Do” and “Be With Me 2Night” were only upstaged by his last song “Body2Body.” His best performance of the night? “You Know How We Do.” And as if his newfound bravado captured on FreshA!R-Breathe!T wasn’t dope enough, even Jay’s stage presence has evolved. Without batting an eye, Jay said alongside comrade DumbFounDead, “If she got a fat ass go and send her to my room,” a move that was simply unbelievably cool.

Jay Park and the Verizon APAHM Tour are off to San Francisco and then to L.A. as they say goodbye to the East Coast set of dates. Meeting him on the West Coast will be Filipino-American YouTube sensation AJ Rafael, and the five girl Pan-Asian pop group, Blush. Here’s hoping the West Coast can handle the heat that Jay and theVerizon APAHM Tour is bringing.

Social Plus magazine JAY PARK June issue

Social plus magazine is an online-digital-web magazine that is all  about the social media, social networks, pr marketing and other media related news & articles.

for their June issue, They will have a full feature cover story of  International artist JAY PARK  on his 3 -day mall tour showcase of  his full length album entitled “New Breed”

Many are asking , *including myself! If they will publish a hard copy for the June issue.

The response i got from twitter is that for now we can visit their website and download the full issue FOR FREE!

Social Plus magazine website for more updates.

Social Plus magazine twitter account

Jay Park – arrival in Manila 2012

Jay Park – Day 1 eastwood

[HIGH CUT] JAY PARK – under the “sheets”

Via Korea.com Jay Park (AOM) 's High cut Photo shoot
Can you just imagine how is HE under the "sheets" LOL
Good looking Baby boy? No! This is one HOT baby boy!
Alright enough of my being pervy..hahaha...Sorryyyy lah
Oh by the way, Now i understand the meaning of his new released FRESH AIR BREATHE IT mixtape!
right down sexy dirty Jay Park!

Music&Lyrics with Jay Park & Lee siyoung a.k.a. Diane

Music & lyrics Jay Park and Lee Siyoung’s a.k.a. Diane.  I’ll start by saying, The whole episode and JAY PARK  has definitely grown on me! Now i understand the full concept of the show and I just want to see both of them on WGM nyahaha. WGM move over the new trend is Music&Lyrics. No offense for the fans of WGM i still love the show though (ehem! I’m an Avid fan of the dimple couple TEUKSO)

I have finished watching Episodes 1-4 and for me the shows concept carries much more meaning than WGM. oopss again, sorry just my opinion.. Anyways.

Episode 1-4

At the start of EP1 as expected in any show like of this concept it’s impossible for the guest stars to feel at ease with each other. There are some point that it was all awkwardness but Jay made all possible for Lee Siyoung to feel comfortable . Jay came up with a plan…Guess what? THEY WENT OUT FOR A DRINK and just chill..haha JAY, that’s sooo american style!.He even came up with Lee Siyoung’s english name which is “Diane”..Jay thought that it would be more easier for them to be more closer if they’ll address both in their English names.:) So that’s the history of LEE SIYOUNG being the “DIANE” on Music&Lyrics. All in all Jay created a Fun and relax atmosphere on MBC’s Music&Lyrics first episode aired last April 14th.

The couple were asked to write a song for a new group TINY G, a group of 4 very young girls. The PD would like to have a song that would fit particularly with the group personalities.Siyoung came up with the title MR COOL and the lyrics has HEY MR COOL on it. i was like thinking whaaat parang MR.SIMPLE lang ha ?! 🙂

For them to actually work on the MUSIC&LYRICS of the song, they have to meet as often as they could. So the 2 will go out on like a “Study date”.  Jay is such a sweet heart. The flowers, the surprised zo0 date, The  cutie socks as a birthday gift for Siyoung, the moment when Jay carried Lee Siyoung during the boxing sparring and the countless HUG and THE kiss is just all LOVE. (before you react and kill Lee Siyoung for the HUG and The kiss from Jay Park, you better watch it first..see it yourself hehe)

It could be scripted, partially scripted or not i just have a feeling that Lee Siyoung is Kinda liking Jay! And Jay is just a shy-sweet guy for reals!

Ok enough of my blabber on with the video link.

Part 1 Eng Subs     Part 2 Eng Subs

follow unIdentifyysubs to get links for more Eng subs shows

Below is the video cut when Jay sang the entire song from their composition “POLARIS”

It would be nice if Jay will record his own version of this song!