SEPTEMBER – Life, Second Chances & Love

*This is a long over due blog entry*

“That we only begin to start living our lives If today were the last of all days ” – The Last Day

It’s not an uncommon feelings that we sometimes want to change something in our lives, do something right, do something different, extra ordinary or move forward…but we feel kinda stuck? uninspired? and think that we’ve lost all the chances we have and or

other times we assume that we need that one drastic change to be happy and content… but actually we don’t. We insist on making it complicated but actually life is really simple we just have to live by the present and enjoy the now.

When we Love: … it’s not a matter of chance but a matter of choice

In Second Chances: We don’t get second chances, we give ourselves second chances

In Life.. still our choice that matter

So there… I just had the sudden urge to share and write that down. All the inspirations are form the story  – SEPTEMBER. It’s actually a FanFic…simple yet  full of amazingly timeless Life lessons.  A fluff and angsty fic rolled into one.

This fanfic is one of my simple joys and guilty pleasures… Well if you are into kpop and SJ fandom and a kyumin fan? you’ll prolly understand 🙂 I just have an overflowing feels and love for this story aghgjdkjsskgfl

But seriously…

Sometimes we all need a little push and few life reminders right? So this story is for all of us and I highly recommend!

Well for non kpop fan…just think this way — you want a new book to read, you’re into romcom, chiclit, inspirational-kind-of-book,or basically you want something new? a different genre maybe? well give this one a try! 🙂

over all it’s well written. Hands down to the author of this fanfic.. She’s a lawyer and an awesome writer! Also, this fic has been heavily inspired by Marilyn Scott’s The Last Day.

Here are few of my fave quotes, phrases or line or whatever you call it LOL

September is a month of change when summer slowly gives in to autumn and the leaves have to learn how to say goodbye to the tree that they have comfortably clung on to. It is a month that subtly speaks of new beginnings. People’s lives, after all, are not stagnant water that won’t move unless the container is shaken. However, this change does not necessarily have to be something drastic or something extraordinary. It could be as easy as sitting in your own living room, doing the most ordinary of routines and yet feeling something new about it.

What defines each and every human being is not their ability to change to the world in a snap of a finger. It is their capacity to start change within themselves and appreciate life as it goes.

After all, it really does not have to be the last day before we start living our lives, does it?



Lee Min Ho’s Benchsetter “Funmeet”

Bench has done it again. They started with the Taiwan’s super star (F4) Jerry Yan, followed by The Kpop idols Super Junior’s Lee Donghae and Choi Siwon, and this time, The Korean actor  super star Lee Min Ho. Life of a fangirl could get any better with Bench bringing all these gorgeous asian guys in Manila as their clothing ambassadors. I am present during those times haha (fangirling from Jerry Yan to SuJu to leeminho..whose next bench?) ^^
So there..The young ones and the young at hearts, True blue k-pop fanatics and the-not-so kpop addicts gathered all together at smart araneta coliseum on Nov. 16th friday for the “Funmeet”. The  Show started at around 8 p.m. and a kpop feels started to unfold lol when the dancers 
performed Wonder Girl’s No Body, Super Junior’s Sorry Sorry, 2ne1’s Fire and the viral song, Gangnam Style!
My friend and I were seating at the lower box area. So near Yet so far… but it’s totally okay. We are seated and our spot is just so calm. ^^
People started to scream even more as a gorgeous man was seen standing in the middle of the stage! Finally….LEE MIN HO! (Oh Yes! He’s beyond handsome like…O_O)
I like the fan-audience interaction during the Question & Answer portion. The spin-a-wheel game where in Lee Min Ho gave so much fan-service to the lucky fans! Well, Lucky fans are lucky fans!.. It’s so entertaining to watch The Look-a-like contestants who went up on stage. Also, the 5 winners of “act that scene” were asked to join LMH on stage. He was so cute when he started to say his own lines from one of his drama while watching the video entry from the winners…”wow, that was a live dubbing” said the lady emcee, Sam Oh..^^ by the way she has done a great job emceeing the event ^^
A roar goes up from the screaming fans when He started to answer questions… His smile, is to die for…
He was asked of what Filipino dish he would like to try..He asked the fans instead, He stood up and pointed to a fan who is holding a poster of his..  He also said what ever our answer is, He will try to have (eat) it for dinner… So, of course.. as always.. everyone screams ADOBO, bow! lol
And also he told Ms. Sam (in korean) to tell the fans at the patron area to be careful and try not to push and shove each other so no one will get hurt. awww sweet! 

“Mahal Ko Kayo” (Encore)
It was indeed a “FUN-meet” event! Everybody all together now…XIE XIE NI, GOMAWO, BENCH! ^^ till next time! ^^

SiHae In Manila Aug 15, 2012

Let me begin by saying… Donghae!!! is the sweetest! and Siwon is the most handsome!Oh let me rephrase that.. Donghae is the sweetest and most handsome! (obviously, He’s my ultimate bias in SJ. Sorry, Anchovy ^^)

Photo taken during the exclusive interview prior to the main event
Photo credit: TIM YAP – philstarsupreme & @Startalk_GMA7! and YAM ENRIQUEZ –

After seeing siwon in person with no explanation or description, I know now why among the members, He’s the one whose getting all the offers to act on Tv Dramas,endorse products all over asia. He got this certain charm. But, of course, Donghae got loads of charm too..^^

I have no exciting STALK fanaccount to share coz i fail on the part. I’m not a pro. I love the energy of the fangirls and fanboys now a-days, As if they were trained on how to stalk fest. lol ^^ But, hmmm yes I tried to follow them at the hotel but just what i’ve said.. It’s a total fail. But i got to enjoy the fun time with some friends ^^ Hotel hopping and food trip 🙂

Did i mentioned that i also fail on raffle promos? No Luck at all! pfftt…Here’s the stuff that i bought to join the mechanics…

But as always.. Mr. Ben Chan/bench was so kind, At the last minute they decided to let the fans (us) who participated on the mechanics enter the event area. (those who have raffle stubs can enter the area, the area for the 700 lucky fans)Thank You soo much bench! ^^

Entering the event area was a chaotic scene, My friend got in first and I was shoved by sea of fans trying their might to enter as well…I was waving my stub and The security guard in white and one of bench staff saw me and pulled me just to get in…My neck was a bit hurt since they have to pull me and pass over the barricade rope. Whew!

Sorry for the LQ photos. (These photos are actually from my friends camera. i was able to take pictures though..But you know what, at some point I felt i was like hypnotized and can’t actually focus on anything (taking pictures) lol. I screamed together with the fans but my mind was like blank, I was just staring on Donghae’s milky complexion and angelic smile. I was like savoring the moment literally.

There was these moment when everyone was chanting SS5! SS5! SS5! siwon was like “SM TOWN? WHAT IS SS5?” then we continued chanting SS5! until Donghae finally got it! he was like.. “ahhh ss5 super show 5, maybe next year!” Then a prolonged screams from us fans once again heard all over the event area and the entire mall (trinoma).

The short interview, the signing of shirts and posters plus the photo-op with fans and Mr. Ben Chan lasted for like less than an hour.Waiting for Sihae to appear on stage more than 5 hours was all worth it! I enjoyed the 5 hours waiting time. The sing along/fanchants was fun!

this was just the 2nd SJ related event that i attended. Finally, i was able to hear them say their famous greeting to fans
‘We are Super Junior- ohayo” Next time, Hoping to see all the members in a concert too.. Please SM… make it happen. SS5MANILA!

…and another bonus! I finally got to hear the Precious laugh of Donghae! Before, I can only hear/watch it on youtube on interviews and from fan made clips. But last Aug 15! dream come true! Donghae’s Laugh is heaven to my ears!

And as always, Donghae took a photo with his phone, Us fans as the backdrop! and tweeted right after the event ^^

Siwon tweeted “Thanks Manila for your Love and Passion”

Till the next Super Junior members(s) Bench event! Who will it be?! ^^

#SiHae In Manila: Donghae and Swion for Bench

Possible date of the event according to MR. BENCH CHAN himself is Aug 14 or 15. However, this is the Date that provided by the manager of SJ. So, it can be changed in few weeks time. For all we know that the boys are busy…i mean REALLY BUSY with their 6th album promotions in Korea.

So ELF marked your calendar. Better free yourself on the whole month of AUGUST lol

It falls on a week day!

Can’t wait! See youuuuu Soon Fishy!!!

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C.N.A. Philippines : SEOUL TO MANILA

On Sunday June 8, I drop by at CNA to snag my Super junior’s 6th album *excited* and yes!!! I’m so lucky! It was sold out by the time I arrived! *sigh*;(  So, I just grab the opportunity to do a brief interview with the sexy chic behind the first ever Korean Fancy shop here in the Philippines.

Thanks Ms. Kring for the time!

We’ve talked about a few things like the concept behind the store, the difference of CNA PH from their CNA counterpart in Korea, the adding of kpop section, the Buying customers: from kpop fans to non- kpop-fans and a lot more. She was nice enough to share few infos and insights with me! ^^

C.N.A. stands for Culture Nature Art. CNA in korea has opened over a 100 stores that mainly specializes on selling of fashion accessories. Incases of C.N.A. PH,  the shop just not offers accessories but also features a mix selections of items from cosmetics to kpop fan merchandises.

CNA has a friendly ambiance on offer. From the very nice couple owner (Jimmy Kim & Kring Elanzano) to the friendly sales attendant and the security guard.

C.N.A. offers a line of Beauty essentials. to cosmetics to nail polish.
BB creams, perfumes, facial mask and more.

CNA is something for everyone, All ages and All genders ^_^

And here’s one for the kpop lovers! Your Biases chibi socks! You can take them all.. no limits!

The reason that the South Korean accessories are outstanding, because it has integrated youth fresh and tender color!The Spike and bunny headbands! Absolutely you gotta take them home!

The Latest and repackage KPOP albums… You can get it here!

Ms. Kring personally assists the buying fan girls!
Spotted that day, SJunitedgroup members, Mavs Matias and her sister both wearing the #SiHae Bench shirts! They went there to buy the Super Junior 6th albums! lucky girls! ^^

More kpop Photocards!

C.N.A. is located at G/F Unit D University Tower, Malate, 1004 Manila, Philippines

Mon – Thu: 10:00 am – 9:30 pm
Fri – Sat: 10:00 am – 10:30 pm
Sun: 12:30 pm – 9:30 pm


Super Junior Full MV over 1M views + #1 spot on Hanteo real time chart

Not more than 12 hours the Music Video Hits over 1Million views!  and today July 4 on the official released date of the physical copies, Hanteo real-time chart – Sexy, Free & Single landed on the no.1 spot!

Keep the views moving!!! ^ & Purchased your copy now!^^


Sexy Free And Single Full MV | Still images-screen caps | Press Conference [Vid]

I am pretty sure that the million adoring fans world wide of  The Super Junior has definitely set their moods to…BINGO! ^  Today, July 3 11am KST,  with Not more than an hour after their 6th jib Press conference, On the official YouTube channel of SM entertainment, the full Music Video for The Sexy Free and Single already received and continues on receiving mixed reviews from  the “Loyal Fans” the “Neutrals” and even the “antis/fans”.
My personal point of view as a Fan and a new  ELF, (If i may say ).  There is nothing  grand on the music video itself.  No highly budgeted location shoot, No beaming lights, Less make-up and costume styles.
But wait up!!! Before you all cast your curses on me. Let me tell you this!!!! AHSJHSGJGJKGJFHGJG!!! I EFFIN FREAKING WOWED AND LOVED THE MV! WHO CARES IF THE BOYS ARE JUST DANCING AGAIN ON A BOX?!?!?! THEY DON’T NEED TO GO SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW TO SHOOT THE MV. NO NEED FOR A NICE PAIR OF SHOES AND SHIRTS too! damn siwon’s & teukie’s  SHOW YOUR NIPPLES outfit and damn the recycled shoes and shirts from ShinEE’s and Exo’s MV’s… FOR THE HELL I,WE CARE?! As long as SJ  is there WE accept and appreciate! (but just a thought..SMENT!? are you running out of budget?!) ^^
Seriously, It doesn’t need to be that epic kind of MV. They need not to IMPRESS  to gain more views on you tube or increase more their popularity. Then again, Yes!  A more epic music video concept is a plus factor though! But for A loyal and appreciative  fans at the moment can appreciate & accepts SJ’s on the things that they can ONLY do and  can not do. BEHIND EVERY SUPER JUNIOR’S SUCCESS ARE the “ELFs”  Not just with Super Junior, This goes to all kpop groups as well. Every success of your idol/s depends on the level and amount of love and support you intend to give them.
As Leeutek said at the Press-con  LEE TEUK: “I want to say that Super Junior is a success. It’s not a success because it reached a certain status, but because it’s working with great members and staff. Success is happiness. They said that if you still want many things you’re still poor, and if you don’t want much you’re rich. There are so many great people around us and we don’t want much, so we’re successful. I think our first single cut [Sexy, Free & Single] fits us from that aspect.” 
He added, “I believe that Super Junior needs to pioneer new roads in the future. I hope we’ll become an idol that’s loved across the nation for a long time. They say that a war of the stars is going on these days, and that’s great. I believe K-Pop will become even more successful in the world. Please show us your support.”
Read between the lines again and feel it lol.  Exactly what i’m trying to say!  – LT: There are so many great people around us and we don’t want much, so we’re successful.
We are lucky (yes! including me^^)  to be able to see them (10members) in their 6th with Kangin and before Leetuek  military enlistment. Let’s take this as a gift!
And to those who can’t stand their comeback album…It’s simple.. Don’t watch nor listen. Waste of time! Chill!  It’s either Love it or Leave it! Just Don’t watch coz ONLY the SEXY FREE AND SINGLE can appreciate it! trolololololo! kiddin’ Peace everyone!
Enough of my looong blabber on with the screen caps and video links.
Press Conference



Screen caps | MV | Press Con


Video Links/Photos from the press conference, credit belongs  to it’s  rightful owners.